Nanotechnology-toxicological issues and environmental safety


    • NATO Advanced Research Workshop on Nanotechnology--Toxicological Issues and Environmental Safety (2006 : Varna, Bulgaria)
    • Simeonova, P. P.
    • Opopol, Nicolae
    • Luster, Michael I.


Nanotechnology-toxicological issues and environmental safety

edited by P.P. Simeonova, N. Opopol and M.I. Luster

(NATO science for peace and security series, . C: Environmental security)

Springer, c2007

  • : pbk.

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This book provides a summary of the state-of-art knowledge on nanomaterials and nanoparticles. It examines toxicological issues, risk assessment and control measures, public participation and educational/ethical issues, as well as institutional mechanisms and status reports from various countries. Coverage also details collaborations in the field of nanotechnology regarding safe application and development.


  • Preface.- Conclusions and Recommendations.- Nanotechnologies: Overview and Issues
  • A.D. Maynard.- Biokinetics and Effects of Nanoparticles
  • G. Oberdoerster.- Nanoparticle Exposure and Systemic/Cariovascular Effects
  • P. Simeonova.- Pulmonary Effects of Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Inflammatory Response, Oxidative Stress/Signaling, and Recognition by Macrophages
  • V.E. Kagan et al.- Inhalation of Nanomaterials, Short Overview of the Local and Systemic Effects
  • P.H.M. Hoet et al.- Interactions of Organic Compounds with Mineral Particles, and the Detection of Cell Components in Bacteria by Spectroscopic Methods - Connections to Nanoscience
  • Z. Filip, K. Demnerova.- Toxicity of Polymeric Nanoparticles with Respect to their Application as Drug Carriers
  • T. Chervenkov et al.- Risk Assessment Approaches and Research Needs for Nanomaterials: An Examination of Data and Information from Current Studies
  • E.D. Kuempel et al.- Risk Assessment Related to Nanotechnology: Environmental and Policy Making
  • L.-D. Galatchi.- Needs for Regulations, Training and Education for Health Protection and Environmental Security of Nanotechnologies
  • N. Opopol.- Bioethics and Legal Aspects of Potential Health and Environmental Risks of Nanotechnology
  • D. Solodoukhina.- Nanotechnology - The Frame of Worker Training, Public Education, and Participation
  • F. Kaloyanova.- Use of Membrane Filtration for Water Treatment with Examples from the Republic of Macedonia
  • M. Kochubovski.- Current State of Nano-Structured TIO2 Based Catalysts: Preparation Methods
  • R. Tomovska et al.- Evaluation of Mean Diameter Values Using Scherrer Equation Applied to Electron Diffraction Images
  • V. Ciupina et al.- Occupational Risk Assessment and Management: Focus on Nanomaterials
  • N.F. Izmerov et al.- Approaches in Environmental Ecotoxicology
  • K. Demnerova et al.- Particle Exposure through the Indoor Air Environment
  • G. Dura, B. Szalay.-

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