Assessment of hydrogen energy for sustainable development


    • NATO Advanced Study Institute on Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development
    • Sheffield, John W.
    • Sheffield, Çiğdem

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Assessment of hydrogen energy for sustainable development

edited by John W. Sheffield and Çiğdem Sheffield

(NATO science for peace and security series, . C: Environmental security)

Springer published in cooperation with NATO Public Diplomacy Division, c2007

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"Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute on Assessment of Hydrogen Energy for Sustainable Development: Energy & Environmental Security, Istanbul, Turkey, 7-10 August 2006"--T.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and indexes

Description and Table of Contents


Fossil fuel prices continue to rise and, at the same time, environmental policies are demanding a reduction in greenhouse gases and toxic emissions. A coherent energy strategy is needed: one that addresses both energy supply and demand and takes into account the whole energy lifecycle, from fuel production to the end-users of energy systems. This book examines hydrogen energy technologies and infrastructure development.

Table of Contents

  • Preface. Energy Security through Hydrogen
  • J.W. Sheffield.- 21st Century's Energy: Hydrogen Energy System
  • T.N. Veziroglu.- Energy Policy is Technology Politics - The Hydrogen Energy Case
  • C.J. Winter.- Hydrogen from Renewables
  • N. Lymberopoulos.- Hydrogen Fuelling Sustainability of Energy Systems, Regional Integration and Development: The Sahara Wind Project
  • K. Benhamou.- Pathway for Hydrogen in Urban Transit System
  • T.K. Bose et al.- Energy Transitions in Transportation: Is It a Technology or a Policy Driven Process?
  • R. Macario.- Prospects for Hydrogen as a Military Fuel K. D. Pointon, J.B. Lakeman.- The US Military and Hydrogen in Missouri
  • S.Tupper.- Fuel Cells for Clean Power Generation: Status and Perspectives
  • F. Barbir.-Performance of Single-Chamber Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
  • I. Kellogg et al.- Hydrogen Production from Solar Energy
  • I.E. Ture.- Chemical Synthesis of Mixed-Oxide Powders for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Electrolyte and Electrodes
  • C. OEncel, M.A. Gulgun.- Solar Hydrogen Production in Algeria: Perspectives and Applications
  • S. Labed.- Bio-Hydrogen Production by Anaerobic Biological Fermentation of Agriculture Waste
  • M. Al-Alawi.- Hydrogen Energy System for Sustainable Development
  • N.H. Afgan, M.G. Carvalho.-Renewable Energy in Armenia: State of The Art and Development Strategies (Hydropower)
  • S. Gevorgyan, V. Sargsyan.- Renewable Energy in Armenia: State of The Art and Development Strategies (Wind, Solar And Hydrogen Energy)
  • S. Gevorgyan,and V. Sargsyan.- Thermodynamic Efficiency Analysis of a Hydrogen Production System Fuelled with Hydrocarbon Fuels for Fuel Cell Applications
  • A. Ersoez et al.-Development of Ecologically Friendly Technology for Gasification of Municipal Solid Wastes
  • M. Slenkin, G. Geletukha.- Prospects for Sustainable Development of Ukrainian Energy Sector
  • O. Udovyk.- The Latest Activities of International Ecoenergy Academy on Renewable Energy Development in Azerbaijan
  • F.G. Aliyev, F.F. Aliyev.- The Hydride Systemsand Peculiarities of Hydrogen Solubility in These Structures
  • S. Y. Zaginaichenko et al.- Author Index. Subject Index.

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