Exploring post-development : theory and practice, problems and perspectives


    • Ziai, Aram


Exploring post-development : theory and practice, problems and perspectives

edited by Aram Ziai

Routledge, 2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Tackling issues surrounding post-development which is arguably one of the most significant debates in the field of north-south relations at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Contributors explore the possibilities and limitations of post-development theory and practice drawing on empirical studies of movements and communities in several continents.


Part 1: Introduction 1. Development Discourse and its Critics: An Introduction to Post-Development, Aram Ziai 2. 'Post-Development' as Concept and Social Practice, Arturo Escobar Part 2: Theory 3. Development: The Devil We Know, Knut G. Nustad 4. Post-Development and the Discourse-Agency Interface, Jon Harald Sande Lie 5. On the Singular Name of Post-Development: Serge Latouche's Destruktion of Development and the Possibility of Emancipation, Yoshihiro Nakano Part 3: Problems 6. Pacific Indigenous Development and Post-International Realities, Susan Maiava and Trevor King 7. Post-Development and Further: Difference from 'Inside' and Autonomy Luciole Sauviat 8. The Ambivalence of Post-Development: Between Reactionary Populism and Radical Democracy, Aram Ziai Part 4: Practice 9. What, Then, Should We Do?: Insights and Experiences of a Senegalese NGO, Sally Matthews 10. Surplus Possibilities: Post-Development and Community Economies, J. K. Gibson-Graham 11. Plachimada Resistance: A Post-Development Social Movement Metaphore, K. Ravi Raman 12. Comida: A Narrative Mirror for the Universal Concept of Nutrition, Martina Kaller-Dietrich Part 5: Perspectives 13. Post-Development: Unveiling Clues for a Possible Future, Ana Agostino 14. Development, Internationalism and Social Movements: A View From the North, Friederike Habermann and Aram Ziai 15. Concluding the Exploration: Post-Development Reconsidered, Aram Ziai

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