Special needs offenders in the community


Special needs offenders in the community

Robert D. Hanser

Pearson Prentice Hall, c2007

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The first of its kind, Special Needs Offenders in the Community, First Edition, offers a strong community-based orientation and addresses both public safety and treatment issues related to a variety of special offender typologies. Drawing from the fields of criminal justice, psychology, and counseling, the text discusses 12 unique offender types and places a strong emphasis on assessment, diagnosis and outcomes. This new text offers thorough coverage of assessment and classification instruments, shows how to modify existing supervision and treatment practices, and emphasizes the theme of community justice throughout.


  • 1. The Notion of Special Needs Offenders 2. Risk Assessment, Diagnosis, Classification, and Recidivism Prediction of Offenders 3. Substance Abusers and Substance Abuse Programs 4. Offenders with Communicable Diseases 5. Mentally Disordered Offenders
  • Commonalities, Assessment and Treatment 6. Offenders with Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation 7. Special Needs of Early Childhood Offenders 8. The Child & Adolescent Offender as a Special Needs Offender 9. Gang Members as Special Needs Offenders 10. Juvenile Sex Offenders as Special Needs Offenders 11. Adult Sex Offenders 12. Domestic Batterers as Special Needs Offenders 13. Female Offenders as Special Offenders 14. Special Needs of Geriatric Offenders 15. Restorative Justice, Mediation, and Sentencing Circles: Their Applicability to Special Needs Offenders Who are on Probation or Parole 16. Predictions and Suggestions for the Future Processing of Special Needs Offenders

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