Race relations in the United States


Race relations in the United States

Ronald H. Bayor, general editor

Greenwood Press

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This is a comprehensive set detailing the history and advances of race relations in the United States throughout the 20th Century.The history of the American twentieth century is largely one of race relations. As the twentieth century unfolded, racial tensions between major racial and ethnic groups often exploded. From the backlash against Eastern and Southern European immigration in the early part of the century through the Civil Rights movement and race riots of the 1960s to the backlash against Latino immigration at the century's end, understanding race relations is a key part of U.S. history. This five-volume set incomparably encapsulates the explosive century, with a desirable decade-by-decade overall organisation for ease of use. The set provides comprehensive reference coverage of the key events, influential voices, race relations by group, legislation, media influences, cultural output, and theories of inter-group interactions that have been evident in the last century and related to race.Each volume covers two decades and follows the format of including: Timeline, Overview, Key Events, Voices of the Decade, Race Relations by Group, Law and Government, Media and Mass Communications, Cultural Scene, Influential Theories and Views of Race Relations, Resource Guide, allowing comparison of topics through the century. The bulk of the coverage is topical essays, written in a clear style.

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