Everyday morality : an introduction to applied ethics


Everyday morality : an introduction to applied ethics

Mike W. Martin

Wadsworth Pub. Co., c2007

4th ed

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references

Index: p. [350]-[356]



Find out how to use ethics in your own life with EVERYDAY MORALITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED ETHICS. By looking at how everyday practical situations require an ethical response, you'll start to discover how to use what you're learning to lead a more rich and productive life. Whether it's hot topics like abortion or euthanasia, or more common situations like addiction, community service, or money management, EVERYDAY MORALITY: AN INTRODUCTION TO APPLIED ETHICS teaches you how to handle each situation the right way. And because it's full of study tools, this ethics textbook helps you out in class also.


Preface. Part One: CHARACTER AND CONDUCT. 1. Morality and Self-Interest. 2. Theories of Right Action. 3. Theories of Virtue. Part Two: MULTICULTURAL ETHICS. 4. Diversity and Relativism. 5. Religious Ethics. 6. Feminism. 7. Race and Ethnic Identity. Part Three: LIFE AND DEATH. 8. Abortion. 9. Suicide and Euthanasia. 10. Animals. 11. Environment. 12. Terrorism and Evil. Part Four: MORAL AUTONOMY AND MENTAL HEALTH. 13. Self-Respect. 14. Self-Knowledge and Self-Deception. 15. Self-Control and Courage. 16. The Therapeutic Trend. 17. Drug Abuse. Part Five: SEXUAL MORALITY. 18. Sex and Love. 19. Homosexuality and Homophobia. 20. Pornography and Fantasy. 21. Marriage and Adultery. Part Six: COMMUNITY AND WEALTH. 22. Money. 23. Meaningful Work. 24. Computers and Community. 25. Community Service. Notes. Index.

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