Mothers, monsters, whores : women's violence in global politics


    • Sjoberg, Laura
    • Gentry, Caron E.


Mothers, monsters, whores : women's violence in global politics

Laura Sjoberg & Caron E. Gentry

Zed Books, c2007

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [243]-270) and index



A woman did that? The general reaction to women's political violence is still one of shock and incomprehension. Mothers, Monsters, Whores provides an empirical study of women's violence in global politics. The book looks at military women who engage in torture; the Chechen 'Black Widows'; Middle Eastern suicide bombers; and the women who directed and participated in genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda. Sjoberg & Gentry analyse the biological, psychological and sexualized stereotypes through which these women are conventionally depicted, arguing that these are rooted in assumptions about what is 'appropriate' female behaviour. What these stereotypes have in common is that they all perceive women as having no agency in any sphere of life, from everyday choices to global political events. This book is a major feminist re-evaluation of women's motivations and actions as perpetrators of political violence.


Acknowledgements 1. Introduction: A Woman Did That? 2. Narratives of Mothers, Monsters and Whores 3. Triple Transgressions at Abu Ghraib 4. Black Widows in Chechnya 5. Dying for Sex and Love in the Middle East 6. Gendered Perpetrators of Genocide 7. Gendering People's Violence 8. Conclusion: Let us Now See 'Bad' Women Notes Bibliography Index

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