Doing business in Russia : let's speak in Russian


    • Timofeeva, G. G. (Galina Grigorʹevna)


Doing business in Russia : let's speak in Russian

Galina Timofeeva

University Press of America, c1999

  • : pbk

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [279]-281)



Doing Business in Russia provides an understanding of Russian business communication as well as a broad background in a variety of topics connected with Russian business and American-Russian business relations. Galina Timofeeva communicates an understanding of Russian business language as Russia develops and expands into the international business community and takes its place in the global economy. The author focuses on the language of business as used by the people in the Commonwealth of Independent States through a system of ten lessons. The book provides examples of formal Russian business and dialogues to provide an understanding of informal communication. This combination of language and business develops a broad understanding of the present status of the Russian business world, while enabling the reader to interact with that world.


chapter 1 Introductory Course chapter 2 Business in Russia: Three Waves chapter 3 A Market Economy: Economists Are Discussing chapter 4 Privatization in Russia: New Private Enterprises, Joint Ventures and Foreign Companies chapter 5 Farming and Farms in Russia chapter 6 Banking, The New Russian Banks and Stock Markets chapter 7 International Financial Institutions: The International Monetary Fund and The World Bank chapter 8 Business and Fashion chapter 9 Communication in Business Life chapter 10 Commercial Advertising chapter 11 Business Partner's Working Day chapter 12 Appendix 1: Russian Declension Patterns chapter 13 Appendix 2: Russian Conjugation Patterns chapter 14 Bibliography

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