State and society in post-socialist economies


State and society in post-socialist economies

edited by John Pickles

(Studies in Central and Eastern Europe)

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

  • : hardback

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 263-273) and index.



State and Society in Post-Socialist Economies focuses on the reform economies of post-socialist Europe. It looks at how various projects of communism that emerged in have been and are still being dismantled and recomposed by alternative visions, institutions and practices of capitalist market economies and democratic polities.


  • The Spirit of Post-socialism
  • J.Pickles PART 1: ECONOMIC GOVERNANCE, THE STATE AND VARIETIES OF CAPITALISM Leading Sectors and the Variety of Capitalism in Eastern Europe
  • B.Greskovits Transnational Actors and Corporate Governance in ECE
  • A.Vliegenthart On the State of the State: Czech Transformation and the Moment of Convergence in the Visegrad Region
  • J.Drahokoupil Corporate Control Models in Russian Companies and Business Integration
  • T.G.Dolgopyatova Diverging and Harmonizing of Corporate Governance in Russia
  • S.Mizobata PART 2: SOCIAL MOBILIZATION AND ECONOMIC TRANFORMATION State-Society Relations in Belarus
  • K.Haiduk Labour Markets and Trade Unions in Four New Member Countries of the European Union
  • M.Congiu Cultural Capital, State Regulation and Tourism in Post-Socialist Bulgaria
  • K.Ghodsee State Policies, Uneven Development and Environmental Regulation in Urban and Rural Lithuania
  • J.Maciulyte Building a Social Cause in Post-Communist Countries: The case of the Ecology in the Czech Republic
  • S.Devaux Informal Practice, Cultural Capital and Politics in the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Bulgaria and Romania
  • A.B.Grodeland Conclusion: State, Society and Hybrid Post-Socialist Economies
  • J.Pickles

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