• Davey, Brooke T.



Brooke T. Davey

(Deja review)

McGraw-Hill Medical, c2008

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Deja Review - Remember what you already know! With Deja Review, memory retention is #1. No other medical review offers the last-minute study tools you need to cram right before the exam. "I would definitely recommend this book to my classmates. I especially think it would be helpful just prior to taking the test -- to review information learned throughout the clerkship." -- Alison B. Santopolo, Weill Cornell Medical College, class of 2010 "The strength of this style is that it lends itself well to very high yield studying, especially good for studying during short breaks throughout the day. I thought it was a very complete review, hitting on the most high-yield topics." -- Stacy Cooper, Pediatric Resident, SUNY Upstate, Class of 2008 Get the competitive edge you need for the USMLE Step 2, with the proven Deja Review quiz-yourself method. Developed by McGraw-Hill, publisher of the FIRST AID series, in conjunction with Naheedy and Orringer, the Deja Review technique is guaranteed to help you with last minute retention of key facts right before the exam. Why the Deja Review method? Deja Review helps you recall important facts you already know. With Deja Review's quick-hit Q&A format, questions and answers appear side-by-side providing a fast way to assess your strengths and weaknesses. Simply cover the answers to test yourself or leave the answers exposed to absorb information right before the exam. Here's why Deja Review is an unbeatable quick review: A visual format designed for learning - 2 column format with side-by-side questions and answersOnly correct answers are provided - so wrong answers can't stick in your mind on exam dayHigh-yield USMLE essentials are coveredClinical vignettes to prepare you for cases you'll see on the examWritten by students who just aced the exam


Faculty Reviewers Student Reviewers Contributing Authors Preface Acknowledgments 1. Birth and Prematurity 2. Growth, Development, and Nutrition 3. Screening and Prevention 4. Adolescent Medicine 5. Cardiology 6. Pulmonology 7. Gastroenterology 8. Hematology and Oncology 9. Infectious Disease 10. Nephrology and Urology 11. Neurology 12. Musculoskeletal Disease 13. Endocrinology 14. Immunology and Rheumatology 15. Genetic Disease 16. Metabolic Disorders 17. Dermatology 18. ENT and Ophthalmology 19. Psychiatry 20. Pediatric ER and Trauma 21. Clinical Vignettes Index

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