Innovation policy in Europe : measurement and strategy



Innovation policy in Europe : measurement and strategy

edited by Claire Nauwelaers and René Wintjes

Edward Elgar, c2008

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This book increases our knowledge of innovation policy by combining quantitative and qualitative assessments of innovation systems, and by adopting a progressive outlook on the conditions for an innovative Europe of tomorrow. Based on the latest developments in innovation research, the authors aim to draw practical and workable conclusions for policymakers. The first part of the book discusses the use of indicators to inform policy- making, progressively shifting emphasis from traditional to less traditional measures and from the national to the regional dimension. The second part investigates the internal dynamics of policy-making and explores the conditions to improve the effectiveness of innovation policies in Europe. New developments and challenges for the future are identified throughout, including the crucial problem of how to align existing institutions with potential challenges. In this way the book clearly demonstrates how the quality of policy governance will become an increasingly important driver for innovation performance of knowledge societies in Europe. The book will have considerable appeal to innovation policymakers, and will also be of interest to academics and researchers working on innovation and knowledge systems.


Contents: Introduction PART I: INFORMING INNOVATION POLICY: MEASUREMENT ISSUES 1. Innovation Surveys and Policy: Lessons from the CIS Anthony Arundel, Cati Bordoy, Pierre Mohnen and Keith Smith 2. Innovation Scoreboards: Indicators and Policy Use Anthony Arundel and Hugo Hollanders 3. Benchmarking Regions in the Enlarged Europe: Diversity in Knowledge Potential and Policy Options Theo Dunnewijk, Hugo Hollanders and Rene Wintjes 4. How do Social Capital and Government Support Affect Innovation and Growth? Evidence from the EU Regional Support Programmes Semih Akcomak and Bas ter Weel PART II: IMPROVING INNOVATION POLICY: STRATEGIC ISSUES 5. Innovation Governance in Dynamic Economies: Lessons from the OECD MONIT Project Svend Otto Remoe 6. Innovation Policy for the Environment in the Netherlands and the EU Albert Faber, Rene Kemp and Geert van der Veen 7. Priority Setting in Technology Policy: Historical Developments and Recent Trends Helmut Gassler, Wolfgang Polt and Christian Rammer 8. Innovation Policy, Innovation in Policy: Policy Learning Within and Across Systems and Clusters Claire Nauwelaers and Rene Wintjes 9. Innovation Policy in a Post-Lisbon Europe: Some Reflections Luc Soete Conclusions and Perspectives: Adapting Old Policy Instruments to New Challenges Index

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