Paul Auster's postmodernity


Paul Auster's postmodernity

Brendan Martin

(Studies in major literary authors)(A Routledge series)

Routledge, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 231-234) and index



This book focuses upon the literary and autobiographical writings of American novelist Paul Auster, investigating his literary postmodernity in relation to a full range of his writings. Martin addresses Auster's evocation of a range of postmodern notions, such as the duplicitous art of self-invention, the role of chance and contingency, authorial authenticity and accountability, urban dislocation, and the predominance of duality.


Preface Chapter One: Writing, Self-Invention, Memory: The Residual Modernism of Paul Auster's Postmodernity Chapter Two: "Our Lives Are No More Than the Sum of Manifold Contingencies": Paul Auster's Ambiguous Postmodern Philosophy Chapter Three: "Every Man is the Author of his Own Life": Postmodern Life-Writing and the Duplicity of Self-Invention Chapter Four: Dislocation, Ambiguity, Indeterminacy: The Postmodernity of The New York Trilogy Chapter Five: Postmodern Modes of Social Identity: Paul Auster's Evocation of Urban Dislocation, Estranged Solitude, Collective Diversity Chapter Six: The Authority of Authorship: The Ambiguities of Life-Writing in Leviathan Notes Bibliography Index

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