Coordination : neural, behavioral and social dynamics


Coordination : neural, behavioral and social dynamics

[edited by] Armin Fuchs, Viktor K. Jirsa

(Understanding complex systems / founding editor, J.A. Scott Kelso)(Springer complexity)

Springer, c2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



One of the most striking features of Coordination Dynamics is its interdisciplinary character. The problems we are trying to solve in this field range from behavioral phenomena of interlimb coordination and coordination between stimuli and movements (perception-action tasks) through neural activation patterns that can be observed during these tasks to clinical applications and social behavior. It is not surprising that close collaboration among scientists from different fields as psychology, kinesiology, neurology and even physics are imperative to deal with the enormous difficulties we are facing when we try to understand a system as complex as the human brain. The chapters in this volume are not simply write-ups of the lectures given by the experts at the meeting but are written in a way that they give sufficient introductory information to be comprehensible and useful for all interested scientists and students.


Behavioral Dynamics.- Imperfect Symmetry and the Elementary Coordination Law.- Landscapes Beyond the HKB Model.- Behavioral Dynamics of Visually Guided Locomotion.- Human Trajectory Formation: Taxonomy of Movement Based on Phase Flow Topology.- Dynamical Systems and Internal Models.- Towards a Unified Theory of Rhythmic and Discrete Movements - Behavioral, Modeling and Imaging Results.- Neural Dynamics.- Imaging the Neural Control of Voluntary Movement using MEG.- Nonlinear and Cooperative Dynamics in the Human Brain: Evidence from Multimodal Neuroimaging.- Large-Scale Network Dynamics in Neurocognitive Function.- Neural Indices of Behavioral Instability in Coordination Dynamics.- Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI): Restoration of Movement and Thought from Neuroelectric and Metabolic Brain Activity.- Sleep, Consciousness and the Brain: A Perturbational Approach.- Social Dynamics.- Language Use, Coordination, and the Emergence of Cooperative Action.- Dynamics of Interpersonal Coordination.- EEG Coordination Dynamics: Neuromarkers of Social Coordination.- Coordination: Neural, Behavioral and Social Dynamics.- J.A. Scott Kelso's Contributions to Our Understanding of Coordination.

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