Sulfur metabolism in phototrophic organisms



Sulfur metabolism in phototrophic organisms

edited by Rüdiger Hell ... [et al.]

(Advances in photosynthesis and respiration, v. 27)

Springer, c2008

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Other editors: Christiane Dahl, David Knaff and Thomas Leustek

Includes bibliographical references and index



Sulfur is one of the most versatile elements in life. This book provides, for the first time, in-depth and integrated coverage of the functions of sulfur in phototrophic organisms including bacteria, plants and algae. It bridges gaps between biochemistry and cellular biology of sulfur in these organisms, and of biology and environments dominated by them. The book therefore provides a comprehensive overview of plant sulfur relations from genome to environment.


  • Editorial.-Contents.-Preface-Author Index.-Colour Plates.-I. Sulfate Activation And Reduction, Biosynthesis Of Sulfur Containing Amino Acids.- 1.Introduction To Sulfur Metabolism In Phototrophic Organisms
  • Christiane Dahl, Rudiger Hell,David Knaff, Thomas Leustek.-2.Uptake, Allocation And Subcellular Transport Of Sulfate
  • Malcolm J. Hawkesford .-3.Phylogenetic Analysis Of Sulfate Assimilation And Cysteine Biosynthesis In Phototrophic Organisms
  • Stanislav Kopriva , Nicola Patron, Tom Leustek, Patrick Keeling.-4.Metabolism Of Cysteine In Plants And Phototrophic Bacteria
  • Rudiger Hell, Markus Wirtz .-5.Metabolism Of Methionine In Plants And Phototrophic Bacteria
  • Rainer Hoefgen, Holger Hesse.-6.Sulfotransferases From Plants, Algae And Phototrophic Bacteria
  • Cinta Hernandez-Sebastia, Frederic Marsolais, Luc Varin.-7.Cysteine Desulfurase-Mediated Sulfur Donation Pathways In Plants And Phototrophic Bacteria
  • Lolla Padmavathi, Hong Ye, Elizabeth AH Pilon-Smits, Marinus Pilon .-II Sulfur In Plants And Algae:8.Molecular Biology And Functional Genomics For Identification Of Regulatory Networks Of Plant Sulfate Uptake And Assimilatory Metabolism
  • Hideki Takahashi, Kazuki Saito.-9.Biosynthesis, Compartmentation And Cellular Functions Of Glutathione In Plant Cells
  • Andreas Meyer, Thomas Rausch .-10.Sulfolipid Biosynthesis And Function In Plants
  • Christoph Benning, R. Michael Garavito, Mie Shimojia.- 11.Sulfur-Containing Secondary Metabolites And Their Role In Plant Defense
  • Meike Burow, Jonathan Gershenzon, Ute Wittstock.-12.Sulfite Oxidation In Plants
  • Robert Hansch, Ralf R. Mendel.-13.The State Of Sulfur Metabolism In Algae: From Ecology To Genomics
  • Nakako Shibagaki, Arthur Grossman.- III. Sulfur In Phototrophic Prokaryotes:14.Systematics Of Anoxygenic Phototrophic Bacteria
  • Johannes Imhoff.-15.InorganicSulfur Compounds As Electron Donors In Purple Sulfur Bacteria
  • Christiane Dahl.-16.Sulfide Oxidation From Cyanobacteria To Humans: Sulfide-Quinone Oxidoreductase
  • Yosepha Shahak, Gunther Hauska.-17.Genomic Insights Into The Sulfur Metabolism Of Phototrophic Green Sulfur Bacteria
  • Niels-Ulrik Frigaard, Don Bryant.-18.Genetic And Proteomic Studies Of Sulfur Oxidation In Chlorobium Tepdium Chlorobium Tepidum
  • Leong-Keat Chan, Rachael Morgan-Kiss, Thomas E. Hanson.-IV. Ecology And Biotechnology: 19.Ecology Of Phototrophic Sulfur Bacteria
  • Jorg Overmann.-20.Role Of Sulfur For Algae: Acquisition, Metabolism, Ecology And Evolution
  • Mario Giordano, Alessandra Norici, Simona Ratti, John A. Raven.-21.Role Of Sulfur For Plant Production In Agricultural And Natural Ecosystems
  • Fangjie Zhao, Michael Tausz , Luit De Kok.-22. Using Anoxygenic Photosynthetic Bacteria For The Removal Of Sulfide From Wastewater
  • Timothy J. Hurse, Ulrike Kappler, Jurg Keller.-V. Specific Methods: 23.X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy As Tool For The Detection And Identification Of Sulfur Compounds In Phototrophic Organisms
  • Alexander Prange, Josef Hormes, Hartwig Modrow.-24.Imaging Thiol-Based Redox Processes In Live Cells
  • Andreas Meyer, Mark D. Fricker.-Index

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