Remembering elites



Remembering elites

edited by Mike Savage and Karel Williams

(Sociological review monograph)

Blackwell, 2008

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This collection will be essential reading for all those interested in the intimate relationship between elites and the remaking of present day capitalism. * Investigates how in the last thirty years elites have been forgotten in social sciences but remembered as capitalism * Brings together an interdisciplinary team of contributors including sociologists, anthropologists, political scientists,and management researchers all arguing for and demonstrating the need to resume elite studies * Tackles the paradox of memory and forgetting by explaining how neo-positivism and post-structuralist theory both marginalised elites as intellectual object while financialized capitalism created lucrative new elite positions * Evaluates the historical changes since Thatcher and Reagan and explores the changing elite cultures in the civil service * Explores the possibilities of a Bourdieusian, comparative analysis of business and finance within British and French business networks * Includes essays which balance the concern with financialization on cultural elites and consumption of elites * Considers whether there is still an 'intellectual' cultural elite and contributes empirical studies of elite consumption in the UK


Preface and acknowledgements. Introduction: Elites: remembered in capitalism and forgotten by social sciences: Mike Savage (University of Manchester) and Karel Williams (Manchester Business School). Taking stock of elites: recognising historical changes:. 1. Modes of power and the re-conceptualisation of elites: John Scott (University of Essex). 2. The corporate elite and the transformation of finance capital: a view from Canada: William K. Carroll (University of Victoria). 3. Representing the corporate elite in Britain: capitalist solidarity and capitalist legitimacy: Michael Moran (University of Manchester). 4. Keyser Suze elites: market populism and the politics of institutional change: Paul du Gay (Warwick Business School and Copenhagen Business School). Money, finance and business elites: dynamics and outcomes: . 5. Capital theory and the dynamics of elite business networks in Britain and France: Charles Harvey (Newcastle University) and Mairi Maclean (Bristol Business School, UWE). 6.Central bankers in the contemporary global field of power: a 'social space' approach: Frederic Lebaron (Uuniversity Picardie-Jules Verne). 7. What do heads of dealing rooms do? The social capital of internal entrepreneurs: Olivier Godechot (CNRS, Ecole Normale Superieure). 8. Everything for sale: how non executive directors make a difference: Julie Froud (Manchester Business School), Adam Leaver (Manchester Business School), Gindo Tampubolon (University of Manchester) and Karel Williams (Manchester Business School). Cultural elites and consumption of elites: . 9. The end of the English cultural elite?: Dave Griffiths (University of Manchester), Andy Miles (University of Manchester) and Mike Savage (University of Manchester). 10. Elite consumption in Britain, 1961-2004: results of a preliminary investigation: Shinobu Majima (Gakushuin University) and Alan Warde (University of Manchester). 11. A culture in common: the cultural consumption of the UK managerial elite: Alan Warde (University of Manchester) and Tony Bennett (The Open University). 12. Eating money and clogging things up: paradoxes of elite mediation in Epirus, north western Greece: Sarah Green (University of Manchester). Notes on Contributors. Index.

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