From physico-theology to bio-technology : essays in the social and cultural history of biosciences : a festschrift for Mikuláš Teich


From physico-theology to bio-technology : essays in the social and cultural history of biosciences : a festschrift for Mikuláš Teich

edited by Kurt Bayertz and Roy Porter

(The Wellcome Institute series in the history of medicine)(Clio medica, 48)

Rodopi, 1998

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"Mikuláš Teich: bibliography": p. 277-287

Includes bibliographical references



For the last half century, Mikulas Teich has made many eminent contributions to the histories of science, technology, medicine and society. His essentially Marxist historiographical stance has resisted the notion that science is an autonomous entity, and has instead stressed the interplay of the economic, the social and the scientific forces in history. At the same time, particularly in studies of biochemistry, he has emphasized the significance of the role of science and technology in modern economic change. In a career divided between Czechoslovakia and the UK, he has always been highly internationalist in his historical outlooks, combining what is valuable in Contentinal and British methods. This volume is to honour him on his eightieth birthday. Examining European developments since the sixteenth century, the essays, many by old friends and colleagues, cluster around themes close to his own personal scholarship and related to volumes which he has edited. The book is divided into sections on Questions of History; Scientific Lives; Disciplines; Natural History, and Science and Disease.


  • 1. Mikulas Teich: A Biographical Sketch QUESTIONS OF HISTORY 2. Business History: Cinderella, Prince Charming or Ugly Sister? Terry GOURVISH 3. Darwin's Revolution. Benno MUELLER-HILL: The Different Faces of Science: Is Genetics a Social Construct? Robert PROCTOR SCIENTIFIC LIVES 4. Bare Heads against Red Hats: A Portrait of Paracelsus Charles WEBSTER 5. Science - Education and Culture. Ideas and Concepts of German Scientists in the 19th Century Dietrich von ENGELHARDT 6. Thomas George Hodgkins (1803-92) and the future of Research at the Royal Institution (London) and the Smithsonian Institution (Washington) W.H. BROCK DISCIPLINES 7. Biology as Technology Kurt BAYERTZ and Patricia NEVERS 8. From the Originary Phenomenon to the System of Pelagic Fishery: Johannes Muller (1801-1858) and the Relation Between Physiology and Philosophy Hans-Joerg RHEINBERGER 9. A Male Mind in a Female Body: Sexology, Homosexuality and the Woman Question in Germany, 1869-1914 Katharina ROWOLD NATURAL HISTORY 10. The Naturalist Tradition: A Natural History Paul FARBER 11. Medicine, The Body, and the Botanical Metaphor in Erotica Julie PEAKMAN SCIENCE AND DISEASE 12. Biology of Liberation: Some Historical Aspects of Proletarian Race Hygienics Reinhard MOCEK 13. Credit and Resistance: Eijman and the Transformation of Beri-Beri into a Vitamin Deficiency Disease Harmke KAMMINGA 14. Gout and Quakery
  • Or, Banks and Mountebanks Roy PORTER Notes on Contributors Bibliography of Mikulas Teich

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