Prehistoric mining and metallurgy in south west Iberian Peninsula


    • Hunt Ortiz, Mark A.


Prehistoric mining and metallurgy in south west Iberian Peninsula

Mark A. Hunt Ortiz

(BAR international series, 1188)

Archaeopress, 2003

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Originally presented as the author's thesis (doctoral)--University of Sevilla

Includes bibliographical references (p. 396-418)



This very full study of Prehistoric (Neolithic-Chalcolithic transition, Chalcolithic, Middle Bronze Age, Pre-Orientalizing Late Bronze Age, Orientalizing) mining and metallurgy in the south west Iberian Peninsula, details sites from Cerro Jesus in the east to Joao Marques in the west. The book offers a rare monograph in English on this important aspect of metals and material culture. The author surveys and analyses hundreds of Prehistoric era sites and finds, and the result is a 400-page work in seven parts. The chapter headings include Mining-metallurgical surveys; Analytical methods; Geological background and mineral resources; Archaeological register and analysis: Bases for the archaeo-metallurgical investigation; Isotopic characterisation of the south west Iberian peninsula; Mining and metallurgical technology; Evaluation and dynamics of mining and metallurgy during the recent prehistory in the south west Iberian peninsula. The figures include 55 lead isotope plots and 41 metallographs. 6 maps, 148 figures, plans, drawings and illustrations; 41 b/w photographs; 55 tables; 23-page bibliography.

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