The heritage of world civilizations : combined volume


The heritage of world civilizations : combined volume

Albert M. Craig ... [et al.]

Prentice Hall, c2002

Brief ed

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For courses in World History I (to 1500) and World History II (since 1500). Brief yet detailed, this text provides a thoughtful history of human civilizations while maintaining a balance between the Western world and the rest of global civilization. It covers the general intellectual and material history of human societies and cultures that have left some kind of written and/or archeological record behind. The combined edition is organized in a rough chronological order by cultural/ civilization and/or geographical areas.


(NOTE:Volume I includes chapters 1-19 and Volume II includes chapters 17-38.)I. THE COMING OF CIVILIZATION. 1. Birth of Civilization. 2. The Four Great Revolutions in Thought and Religion. II. EMPIRES AND CULTURES OF THE ANCIENT WORLD. 3. Greek and Hellenistic Civilization. 4. Iran, India, and Inner Asia to 200 c.e. 5. Republican and Imperial Rome. 6. Africa: Early History to 1000 c.e. 7. China's First Empire (221 b.c.e.-220 c.e.) III. CONSOLIDATION AND INTERACTION OF WORLD CIVILIZATIONS. 8. Imperial China (589-1368). 9. Japan: Early History (to 1467). 10. Iran and India Before Islam. 11. The Formation of Islamic Civilization (622-945). 12. The Early Middle Ages in the West to 1000: The Birth of Europe. 13. The High Middle Ages (1000-1300). 14. The Islamic Heartlands and India (1000-1500). 15. Ancient Civilizations of the Americas. IV. THE WORLD IN TRANSITION. 16. The Late Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the West (1300-1527). 17. The Age of Reformation and Religious Wars. 18. Africa (ca. 1000-1800). 19. Conquest and Exploitation: The Development of the Transatlantic Economy. 20. East Asia in the Late Traditional Era. 21. European State-Building and Worldwide Conflict. 22. European Society Under the Old Regime. 23. The Last Great Islamic Empires (1500-1800). V. ENLIGHTENMENT AND REVOLUTION IN THE WEST. 24. The Age of European Enlightenment. 25. Revolution in the Transatlantic World. 26. Europe and the North America 1815-1850: Political Reform, Economic Advance, and Social Unrest. VI. INTO THE MODERN WORLD. 27. Political Consolidation in Europe and North America. 28. The Building of European Supremacy: Society and Politics to World War I. 29. The Birth of Contemporary Western Thought. 30. Latin America from Independence to the 1940s. 31. India, The Islamic Heartlands, and Africa: The Encounter with the Modern West (1800-1945). 32. Modern East Asia. VII. GLOBAL CONFLICT AND CHANGE. 33. Imperialism and World War I. 34. Depression, European Dictators, and the American New Deal. 35. World War II. 36. The West Since World War II. 37. East Asia in the Late Twentieth Century. 38. The Emerging Nations of Africa, Asia, and Latin America Since 1945.

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