Attitudes and attitude change



Attitudes and attitude change

edited by William D. Crano and Radmila Prislin

(Frontiers of social psychology / editors, Arie W. Kruglanski, Joseph P. Forgas)

Psychology Press, c2008

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This volume assembles a distinguished group of international scholars whose chapters on classic and emerging issues in research on attitudes provide an excellent introduction for advanced undergraduates and graduate students. The book's chapters cover all of the most critical features of attitude measurement, attitude development, and attitude change. Implicit and explicit approaches to measurement and conceptualization are featured throughout, making this one of the most up-to-date treatments of attitude theory and research currently available. The comprehensive coverage of the central topics in this important field provides a useful text in advanced courses on persuasion or attitude change.


Section 1: Introduction Attitudes and Attitude Change: The Fourth Peak. Section 2: Attitudes, Nature, and Measurement Structure of Attitudes: Judgments, Memory, and Implications for Change. Attitude Measurement. Implicit Attitudes 101: Theoretical and Empirical Insights. Section 3: Attitudes: Origins and Formation Attitude Formation and Change Through Association: An Evaluative Conditioning Account. Origins of Attitudes. The Role of Affect in Attitudes and Attitude Change. Section 4: Attitudes: Change and Resistance. Information Processing Approaches to Persuasion: Integrating Assumptions from the Dual and Single-Processing Perspectives. Attitude Functions in Persuasion: Matching, Involvement, Self-Affirmation, and Hierarchy. Section 5: Attitudes: Beyond Evaluation. A New Framework for Resistance to Persuasion: The Resistance Appraisals Hypothesis. Attitude Strength. Attitudinal Ambivalence. Section 6: Attitudes: Mutual Impacts of Beliefs and Behaviors Attitudes and the Prediction of Behavior. How Behavior Shapes Attitudes: Cognitive Dissonance Processes. Section 7: Attitudes: The Social Context Social Identity and Attitudes. Persuasion from Minority and Majority Groups. Normative Beliefs as Agents of Influence: Basic Processes and Real-World Applications.

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