A short course in medical terminology


    • Collins, C. Edward


A short course in medical terminology

C. Edward Collins

Wolters Kluwer : Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, c2008

Enhanced repr

  • : pbk

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This is an enhanced reprint! Designed for self-instruction or classroom use, this quick and easy textbook is ideally suited for one- or two-credit medical terminology courses. The text is brief yet sufficiently comprehensive to give users a sound understanding of terminology. Part One covers the basics of word analysis, word parts, and word building. Part Two focuses on the major body systems. Each chapter includes word tables, review exercises, and illustrations. The enhanced bonus CD-ROM bound into this reprint now includes Stedman's Medical Terminology Flash Cards, in addition to a 1,500-term pronunciation glossary, interactive exercises, and a final exam. LiveAdvise: Medical Terminology online faculty support and student tutoring services are available free with each text.


Part I: The Anatomy of Medical Terms Chapter 1: Analyzing Medical Terms Chapter 2: Suffixes Chapter 3: Prefixes Chapter 4: Building Medical Terms Part II: The Medical Terms of Anatomy Chapter 5: Anatomical Systems Chapter 6: The Eye Chapter 7: The Ear Chapter 8: Integumentary System Anatomy Chapter 9: Integumentary System Word Building Chapter 10: The Skeletal System Chapter 11: Skeletal System Word Building Chapter 12: The Muscular System Chapter 13: Muscular System Word Building Chapter 14: The Heart Chapter 15: The Blood and Blood Vessels Chapter 16: Blood and Vascular System Word Building Chapter 17: The Respiratory System Chapter 18: Respiratory System Word Building Chapter 19: The Digestive System Chapter 20: Digestive System Word Building Chapter 21: The Nervous System Chapter 22: Nervous System Word Building Chapter 23: The Endocrine System Chapter 24: The Immune System Chapter 25: The Urinary System Chapter 26: The Reproductive System Chapter 27: Reproductive System Word Building Part III: The Branches of Medicine Chapter 28: Additional Medical Specialties Chapter 29: Terminology of Some Prominent Allied Health Disciplines Chapter 30: Final Exam Index and Glossary

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