Obesity : epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention



Obesity : epidemiology, pathophysiology, and prevention

edited by Debasis Bagchi, Harry G. Preuss

(CRC series in Modern nutrition science)

CRC Press, c2007

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The obesity epidemic has spawned an unlimited array of quick-fix, rapid weight loss plans and unproven pharmaceuticals. Dangerous side effects and rebound weight gain has made the cure seem worse than the syndrome itself and left people uncertain where to turn. The only way to safely deal with the global obesity problem is to develop strategic therapeutic interventions using safe, natural supplements supported by credible research. With contributions from pioneers and esteemed leaders in their respective fields Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention is a comprehensive resource covering a broad range of topics associated with obesity. Divided into eight sections, the text covers epidemiology and pathophysiology, correlating obesity with environmental estrogens, disordered eating, inflammatory responses, and endocrine disruption. Contributions also address neurobiology and neurotransmitters, leptin, ghrelin (the hunger hormone) and molecular genetics. The book devotes several chapters to obesity and its related degenerative diseases, drug development and adipose-targeted drugs, and the safety of obesity drugs. An expansive portion of the book considers natural, nutritional, and physical approaches to weight management. Taking an evidence based approach, it explores exercise, diet (including vegetarian and Atkin's diets), gender differences, and caloric restriction, along with research on a wide range of functional foods, nutraceuticals, and natural supplements such as hydroxycitric acid, marine lipids, tea, chitosan, calcium, polyphenolic compounds, trivalent chromium, ephedra, and glucomannan. Special sections on the intricacies of childhood obesity and the benefits of bariatric surgery round out the array of information. With unparalleled depth of coverage, Obesity: Epidemiology, Pathophysiology, and Prevention provides medical professionals, nutritionists, and researchers with an unprecedented reference for managing obesity.


SECTION I. INTRODUCTION Epidemiology of Obesity, D.Giovanna Turconi and Dr. H. Cena Epidemiology of Obesity: A Global Burden of the New Millennium, G. C. Pain SECTION II. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY OF OBESITY Environmental Estrogens, Endocrine Disruption and Obesity, F. S. vom Saal, J. R. Kirkpatric,k and B. L. Coe Cigarette Smoking, Inflammation and Obesity, S. K Biswas, I. Megson, C. A Shaw, and I. Rahman Disordered Eating as a Correlate in the Development of Obesity, G. W. Pla. Role of Neurotransmitters in Obesity Regulation, S.E. Ohia and C. Opere Neurobiology of Obesity, N. Eikelis Leptin as a Vasoactive Adipokine: Link between Metabolism and Vasculature, A. Bouloumie, C. A. Curat, A. Miranville, K. Lolmede, and C. Sengenes Overview on Ghrelin, Appetite and Energy Balance, R. Fernandez-Fernandez and M. Tena-Sempere Molecular Genetics of Obesity Syndrome: Role of DNA Methylation, R. S. Dwivedi, A. Sahad, and B. L. Mirkin. SECTION III. OBESITY AND DEGENERATIVE DISEASES Oxidative Stress Status in Humans with Metabolic Syndrome, C.Y. Chen and J. B. Blumberg Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, S. Yaturu and S. K. Jain Obesity and Angiogenesis in Cancer: Applications of Angiogenesis Targeted Redox-Based Therapeutics, S. Chatterjee, D. Bagchi, M. Bagchi, and C. K. Sen Obesity as an Occult Risk Factor for Drug and Chemical Toxicities, G. B. Corcoran SECTION IV. NOVEL CONCEPT IN OBESITY DRUG DEVELOPMENT Adipose Drug Targets for the Treatment of Obesity, O. Boss, L. Lehr, and J.P. Giacobino SECTION V. SAFETY OF OBESITY DRUGS Safety of Obesity Drugs, A. Gupta and Dr. F.L. Greenway SECTION VI. NATURAL, NUTRITIONAL AND PHYSICAL APPROACHES OF WEIGHT MANAGEMENT The Fundamental Role of Physical Activity and Exercise in Weight Management, D. Blatt and C. L. Gostic Nutritional and Dietary Approaches for Weight Management - An Overview, S. Agarwal Gender Differences in Body Fat Utilization During Weight Gain, Loss or Maintenance, G.K. Harris and D. J. Baer Appetite, Body Weight, Health Implications of a Low-Glycemic Load Diet, S. J. Bell, W. Van Ausday, and G. Grochoski Beyond Obesity Prevention: The Anti-Aging Effects of Caloric Restriction, K. W. Saupe and J. D. Mulligan Dietary Supplement Carbohydrate Digestion Inhibitors: A Review of the Literature, J. Udani, M. Hardy, and B. Kavoussi Vegetarian Diets in the Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, Dr. K. T. Knecht, H. Bui, D. Tran, and J. Sabate. The Atkins Paradigm, A. Robarge and B. W. Downs Polyphenols from Fruit and Vegetables in Weight Management and Obesity Control, D. Ghosh and M. A Skinner Chromium (III) in Promoting Weight Loss and Lean Body Mass, M. Bagchi, H. G. Preuss, S. Zafra-Stone, and D. Bagchi An Overview on (-)-Hydroxycitric Acid in Obesity Regulation, S. Zafra-Stone, M. Bagchi, H. G. Preuss, and D.Bagchi A Review of the Safety and Efficacy of Citrus aurantium in Weight Management, S. J. Stohs and M. Shara Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) and Weight Control: From the Biomedical Immune Viewpoint, Z.L. Kong The Role of Tea in Weight Management, C.Kandaswami Laboratory and Clinical Studies of Chitosan, H. G. Preuss, D. Bagchi, and G. R. Kaats Phaseolus vulgaris and Alpha Amylase Inhibition, D. E. Meiss Role of Glucomannan in Weight Management, B. Swanson and J. K. Keithley Role of Caralluma fimbriata in Weight Management, R.V. Venkatesh and R. Rajendran Role of Medium Chain Triglycerides in Weight Management, M. Enig. Anti-Obesity by Marine Lipids, K. Miyashita Dairy Foods, Calcium and Weight Management, Dr. M. B. Zemel Lessons from the Use of Ephedra as a Dietary Supplement, M. Soni, K. Shelk,e and R. Amin Dietary Supplementation in Weight Loss - A Dietician's Perspective, B. Wedman-St Louis SECTION VII. CHILD OBESITY AND PREVENTION Treatment and Prevention of Childhood Obesity and Associated Metabolic Diseases, M. I Goran, J. N Davies, and L. A Kelly SECTION VIII. BARIATRIC SURGERY IN WEIGHT MANAGEMENT Bariatric Surgery in Obesity and Reversal of Metabolic Disorders, M. Manco

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