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The law of real property

Robert Megarry and Sir William Wade

Sweet & Maxwell, 2008

7th ed. / by Charles Harpum, Stuart Bridge and Martin Dixon

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Megarry & Wade, The law of real property

Megarry and Wade, The law of real property

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Previous ed.: 2000

Includes bibliographical references and index

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Table of Contents

Introduction. Tenures. Estates. Possession of Land. Law and Equity. Legislative Transformation of the Law of Real Property and the Protection of Estates and Interests. Registration of Title. Unregistered Conveyancing: Titles and Incumbrances. Perpetuities and Accumulations. The Use of Trusts in the Law of Real Property. Creating Trusts of Land. The Trusts of Land and Appointment of Trustees Act 1996. Co-ownership. Wills and Intestacy. Contracts of Sale. Proprietary Estoppel. The Nature and Creation of Leases. Determination of Leases. Common Obligations of Landlord and Tenant Leasehold Covenants. Leasehold Conveyancing. Security of Tenure. Fixtures. The Nature and Creation of Mortgages and Charges. The Rights of the Parties under a Mortgage or Charge. Priority of Mortgages. Nature of Easements and Profits. The Creation of Easements and Profits. Species of Easements and Profits. Other Incorporeal Hereditaments. Freehold Covenants. Commonhold. Licenses. Adverse Possession and Limitation. Disabilities.

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