Newton methods


Newton methods

Ioannis K. Argyros

Nova Science Publishers, c2005

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 379-399) and index


  • Equations over linear spaces
  • Successive substitutions
  • Approximate solution of operator equations
  • Weakened Newton-Kantorovich hypothesis
  • Iterative methods with higher orders
  • Variational inequalities



This self-contained treatment offers a contemporary and systematic development of the theory and application of Newton methods, which are undoubtedly the most effective tools for solving equations appearing in computational sciences. Its focal point resides in an exhaustive analysis of the convergence properties of several Newton variants used in connection to specific real life problems originated from astrophysics, engineering, mathematical economics and other applied areas. What distinguishes this book from others is the fact that the weak convergence conditions inaugurated here allow for a wider applicability of Newton methods; finer error bounds on the distances involved, and a more precise information on the location of the solution.These factors make this book ideal for researchers, practitioners and students.


  • CONTENTS: Preface
  • Equations Over Linear Spaces
  • Successive Substitution
  • Approximate Solution of Operator Equations
  • Weakened Newton-Kantorovich Hypothesis
  • Iterative Methods with Higher Orders
  • Variational Inequalities
  • Index.

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