Majority cultures and the everyday politics of ethnic difference : whose house is this?


    • Petersson, Bo
    • Tyler, Katharine


Majority cultures and the everyday politics of ethnic difference : whose house is this?

edited by Bo Petersson and Katharine Tyler

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Majority cultures and the everyday politics of ethnic difference
  • Mobility, migration control and geopolitical imaginations
  • Europe in peril
  • City marketing in a dual city : discourses of progress and problems in post-industrial Malmö
  • Debating the rural and the urban : majority white racialized discourses on the countryside and the city
  • Local responses to immigrants in the Midwestern United States
  • Belonging and entitlement : shifting discourses of difference in multiethnic neighbourhoods in the UK
  • Marginal majority and dishevelled otherness : debating gypsyness on the Greek-Albanian border
  • The power of stereotypes and enemy images : the case of the Chechen wars
  • European declarations on minorities : the Kurdish quest for Turkey's membership of the European Union
  • Local media representations of Islam before 9/11
  • Whose house is this? The Palestinian "other" and the construction of Jewish Israeli identity
  • The making and breaking of difference : concluding thoughts



Examining the ways in which majority Western cultures govern, represent and exclude those that are considered to be ethically 'other', this book asks what is the impact of globalization, governance and Western immigration controls on the construction of the majority 'self' and the minority 'other'?


  • Acknowledgements Notes on Contributors Introduction: Majority Cultures and the Everday Politics of Ethnic Difference
  • K.Tyler PART 1: WHOSE WORLD IS THIS? GLOBALIZATION, GOVERNANCE and IMMIGRATION Mobility, Migration Control and Geopolitical Imaginations
  • S.Kalm Europe in Peril
  • A.Hellstroem PART 2: WHOSE PLACE IS THIS? LOCAL LEVEL RESPONSES TO ETHNIC DIFFERENCE City Marketing in a Dual City: Discourses of Progress and Problems in Post-Industrial Malmo
  • D.Mukhtar-Landgren Debating the Rural and the Urban: Majority White Racialized Discourses on the Countryside and the City
  • K.Tyler Local Responses to Immigrants in the Midwestern United States
  • K. Fennelly Belonging and Entitlement: Shifting Discourses of Difference in Multi-Ethnic Neighbourhoods in the UK
  • K.Ray, M.Hudson & J.Phillips Marginal Majority and Disheveled Otherness: Debating Gypsyness on the Greek-Albanian Border
  • A . Theodosiou PART 3: WHOSE LAND IS THIS? REPRESENTATIONS OF ETHNIC CONFLICT AND VIOLENCE The Power of Stereotypes and Enemy Images: the Case of the Chechen Wars
  • B. Petersson European Declarations on Minorities: the Kurdish Quest for Turkey's Membership of the European Union
  • N. Ucarlar Local Media Representations of Islam before 9/11
  • M. Brown Whose House is This? The Palestinian 'Other' and the Construction of Jewish Israeli Identity
  • T. Litvak-Hirsch, D. Bar-On& J. Chaitin The Making and Breaking of Difference: Concluding Thoughts
  • B. Petersson& K. Tyler Index

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