• Guberman, Marc
    • Reidel, Jacob
    • Rosenberg, Frida



edited by Marc Guberman, Jacob Reidel, and Frida Rosenberg

(Perspecta : the Yale architectural journal, 40)

MIT Press, c2008

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Includes bibliographical references


  • Monumental monstrosity, monstrous monumentality / Terry Kirk
  • Monstrous objects, morphing things : on Alberti, wiki, and bloggers / Mario Carpo
  • Soft monsters / Jürg Lehni
  • Coming of age : a soft monstrosity / Marcelyn Gow and Ulrika Karlsson
  • Typo-morphology of Tokyo / Yoshiharu Tsukamoto and Ryuji Fujimura
  • Preliminary notes on the emergence of statistical-mechanical geographic vision / John May
  • Computing alibis : third world teratologies / Arindam Dutta
  • Hors echelle : remembering James Stirling
  • The disappearance of Charles Perrault : a cautionary tale / Edward Eigen
  • Un-messy realism and the decline of the architectural mind / Mark Jarzombek
  • Anatomical diagram of Fire Monster Gemera
  • Etiologies of beauty : architecture and the new physics of appearance / mark Foster Gage
  • Sliding a round peg through a round hole : Museum Plaza / Joshua Prince-Ramus
  • You are playing a fool's game : a public exchange between Mark Foster Gage and Joshua Prince-Ramus on Museum Plaza and beauty
  • Kevin Roche interview
  • The New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum
  • The New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum : urban subtext / Eeva Liisa Pelkonen
  • The New Haven Veterans Memorial Coliseum / Photographed by Colin Montgomery in 2006
  • The monster magnified : architectural photography as visual hyperbole / Claire Zimmerman
  • Anatomical diagrams of Money-eating Monster Kanegon and Four-dimensional Monster Bullton
  • Incubation and decay : Arata Isozaki's architectural poetics, metabolism's dialogical other / Emmanuel Petit
  • Ru(m)inations : the haunts of contemporary architecture / John McMorrough
  • Monsters, mutations, and morphology / Michael Weinstock
  • Beautiful monsters / Greg Lynn
  • Scaling practice : the increasing footprint of architecture in the digital age / Phillip Bernstein
  • Gensler interview
  • Christopher Sharples interview
  • Guy Nordenson interview
  • Nothing will come of nothing / Catherine Ingraham



A monster is in our midst, and its name is Architecture. Contemporary architecture is in many ways a monstrous thing. It is bigger, more broadly defined, increasingly complicated, more costly, and stylistically and formally heterogeneous -- if not downright unhinged. Not only is the scale of the built environment expanding, but so is the territory of the architectural profession itself. A perfect storm of history, technology, economics, politics, and pedagogy has generated a moment in time in which anything seems possible. The results have been at times strange and even frightening. Long ago, the birth of an abnormal creature was interpreted as a sign of looming trouble. These monstra -- from the Latin monere, "to warn" and monstrare, "to show" -- were viewed with both fear and fascination. This fortieth issue of Perspecta -- the oldest and most distinguished student-edited architectural journal in America -- examines architecture past and present through the lens of the monster. The contributors -- a diverse group of scholars, practitioners, and artists -- embrace the multitude of meanings this term carries in an attempt to understand how architecture arrived at its present situation and where it may be going. Perspecta 40 represents in itself a kind of monster -- a hybrid, jumbled, conflicting amalgamation of work and ideas that looks at the past in new ways and tells of things to come. Contributors Philip Bernstein, Mario Carpo, Arindam Dutta, Ed Eigen, Mark Gage, Gensler, Marcelyn Gow and Ulrika Karlsson (servo), Catherine Ingraham, Mark Jarzombek, Terry Kirk, Leon Krier, Greg Lynn, John May, John McMorrough, Colin Montgomery, Guy Nordenson, Eeva-Liisa Pelkonen, Emmanuel Petit, Kevin Roche, Yoshiharu Tsukamoto (Atelier Bow-Wow) and Ryuji Fujimura, Michael Weinstock, Claire Zimmerman

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