Natural disaster analysis after Hurricane Katrina : risk assessment, economic impacts and social implications


Natural disaster analysis after Hurricane Katrina : risk assessment, economic impacts and social implications

edited by Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II

Edward Elgar, c2008

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Hurricane Katrina was a pivotal event in the history of disaster mismanagement. Its impact will be felt well into the future and its lessons will be applied around the world. This influential volume explores key policy implications arising from the storm and its aftermath. Leading scholars from fields as diverse as decision analysis, risk management, economics engineering, transportation, urban planning and sociology investigate the policy issues associated with insurance, flood control and the rebuilding of levees, housing, tourism, utility lifelines recovery and resilience, evacuation, relocation and racial implications.By assessing the disruption of life in New Orleans, as well as the inter-regional economic impacts of the disaster, the authors suggest steps that can be taken to minimize future risks, not only in New Orleans but also in all locations threatened by natural disasters. It then goes beyond Katrina to explore experiences and responses to similar events in other parts of the world. Another important feature is a discussion of the overlap between terrorist-initiated disasters and natural disasters. The issues raised by Katrina are very complex and teasing out successful policy implications is far from easy. This book is a major advance towards that goal. Academics interested in the economics, policy, and planning aspects of natural and man-made disasters, specialists in emergency management and policymakers will find the insights and prescriptions offered here invaluable.


Contents: Preface 1. Introduction Harry W. Richardson, Peter Gordon and James E. Moore II 2. Comprehensive Disaster Insurance: Will it Help in a Post-Katrina World? Howard C. Kunreuther and Erwann O. Michel-Kerjan 3. A Decision Analysis of Options to Rebuild the New Orleans Flood Control System Carl Southwell and Detlof von Winterfeldt 4. Hurricane Katrina: Lessons Learned Jiin-Jen Lee and Bennington Willardson 5. Katrina vs. 9/11: How Should we Optimally Protect Against Both? Jun Zhuang and Vicki M. Bier 6. Worst-Case Thinking and Official Failure in Katrina Lee Clarke 7. Risk, Preparation, Evacuation and Rescue Edd Hauser, Sherry M. Elmes and Nicholas J. Swartz 8. Not Katrina: The Thames Barrier Decision Chang-Hee Christine Bae and Harry W. Richardson 9. Is New Orleans Ready to Celebrate After Katrina? Evidence from Mardi Gras and the Tourism Industry Kathleen Deloughery 10. Estimating the State-by-State Economic Impacts of Hurricane Katrina Jiyoung Park, Peter Gordon, James E. Moore II, Harry W. Richardson, Soojung Kim and Yunkyung Kim 11. Regional Economic Impacts of Natural and Man-Made Hazards: Disrupting Utility Lifeline Services to Households Adam Rose and Gbadebo Oladosu 12. Adjusting to Natural Disasters V. Kerry Smith, Jared C. Carbone, Jaren C. Pope, Daniel G. Hallstrom and Michael E. Darden 13. Katrina: A Third World Catastrophe? Edward J. Clay 14. Hurricane Katrina and Housing: Devastation, Possibilities and Prospects Raphael W. Bostic and Danielle Molaison 15. Unnatural Disaster: Social Impacts and Policy Choices after Katrina John R. Logan Index

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