Essentials of UK politics


Essentials of UK politics

Andrew Heywood

Palgrave Macmillan, 2008

大学図書館所蔵 件 / 9



Includes bibliographical references(p. 319-323) and index

"AS level" -- on cover


  • Introducing politics and government
  • Democracy and participation
  • Elections and voting
  • Political parties
  • Pressure groups
  • The constitution
  • Parliament
  • Prime minister, cabinet and executive
  • Judges and civil liberties
  • The EU and multilevel governance



This new textbook, from the UK's leading politics textbook author, has been written specifically to meet the needs of the students who are studying AS level Government and Politics. It is a lively, accessible and comprehensive introduction to the subject and provides full coverage of the revised Edexcel and AQA syllabi and the core requirements of other boards. Also available is a companion website with further learning resources to accompany the text. Please take a look by clicking below -


How To Use this Book PART 1: PEOPLE AND POLITICS Introducing Politics and Government Democracy and Participation Elections and Voting Political Parties Pressure Groups PART 2: GOVERNING THE UK The Constitution Parliament Prime Minister, Cabinet and the Executive Judges and Civil Liberties The EU and Multilevel Governance

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