Flexible Rails : Flex 3 on rails 2


    • Armstrong, Peter


Flexible Rails : Flex 3 on rails 2

Peter Armstrong

Manning Publishing, c2007

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Includes index



Flexible Rails is a unique, application-based guide for using Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex to build rich Internet applications (RIAs). It is not an exhaustive Ruby on Rails or a Flex reference. Instead, it is an extensive tutorial in which the reader builds multiple iterations of an interesting RIA using Flex and Rails together. Author Peter Armstrong walks readers through over a dozen iterations in which the sample application pomodo is variously built, refactored, debugged, sliced, diced, and otherwise explored from every conceivable angle with respect to Ruby on Rails and Adobe Flex. The book unfolds both the application and the Flex-on-Rails approach side-by-side. "If you're doing any work on Flex and Ruby, I'd highly recommend getting a copy of Flexible Rails." Mike Potter, Adobe Developer Relations "For those of you who want a little more richness in your application interfaces, and Ajax just isn't cutting it, Flexible Rails is exactly what you've been waiting for." Steven Baker, creator of RSpec, the BDD framework for Ruby

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