Water : the looming crisis in India


Water : the looming crisis in India

Binayak Ray

(AsiaWorld / series editor, Mark Selden)

Lexington Books, c2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Water: The Looming Crisis in India examines the key issues in developing national freshwater policies for the mainland countries of the South Asian sub-continent. Ray addresses the religious diversity, ethnic fragmentation, and complicated international, politically sensitive issues that reflect differently on each of the riparian countries' freshwater policies.


Chapter 2 1: The Water Environment Chapter 3 2: Water Policy: An Anatomy Chapter 4 3: International Rivers: Global Conventions, Regulations, and India Chapter 5 4: Future Demand for Water and Available Options Chapter 6 5: The River-Linking Project Chapter 8 6: Environmental Perspectives Chapter 9 7: Economic and Financial Perspectives Chapter 10 8: Political and Governmental Perspectives Chapter 11 9: Regional Perspectives: Bangladesh, Nepal, Pakistan and China Chapter 13 10: Reflections

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    series editor, Mark Selden

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