Skills training in research degree programmes : politics and practices


    • Hinchcliffe, Richard
    • Bromley, Tony
    • Hutchinson, Steve


Skills training in research degree programmes : politics and practices

edited by Richard Hinchcliffe, Tony Bromley and Steve Hutchinson

McGraw Hill/Open University Press, 2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index



How might research degrees develop to improve both research student learning and employability? How should research student skills and development be evaluated? What are the skills that employers seek from research graduates? This book analyzes the development of research skills training and development and its wide-ranging impact on the UK research degree. The book examines the politics of skills training and its implications for academic culture as well as providing essential support and advice for practitioners and policy makers through examples of best practice. It also contains a thorough examination of the future of research degrees in the context of skills development and the supply of highly trained and specialized researchers to the academic and business world. Skills Training in Research Degree Programmes provides comprehensive coverage of skills training in research degree programmes in the UK, providing instructive, self-contained chapters that serve as a resource to all academics, trainers, research administrators and senior management involved in the postgraduate research community. Foreword by Professor Sir Gareth Roberts Contributors: Esat Alpay, Charlie Ball, Simon Beecroft, Tim Birtwistle, Tony Bromley, Howard Green, Ged Hall, Richard Hinchcliffe, Steve Hutchinson, Peter Lewis, Alistair McCulloch, Chris Park, Stuart Powell, Imelda Race, Julie Reeves, Al Richardson, Sara Shinton, Claire Souter, Peter Stokes, Judi Sture and Elaine Walsh.

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