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Selected writings

Sarah Kofman ; edited by Thomas Albrecht, with Georgia Albert and Elizabeth Rottenberg ; introduction by Jacques Derrida

(Meridian : crossing aesthetics / Werner Hamacher & David E. Wellbery, editors)

Stanford University Press, 2007

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Sarah Kofman (1934-1994), Professor of Philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris and the author of over twenty books, was one of the most significant postwar thinkers in France. Kofman's scholarship was wide-ranging and included work on Freud and psychoanalysis, Nietzsche, feminism and the role of women in Western philosophy, visual art, and literature. The child of Polish Jewish immigrants who lost her father in the Holocaust, she also was interested in Judaism and anti-Semitism, especially as reflected in works of literature and philosophy. This book is an anthology of some of Kofman's most significant writings on these and other topics. Its purpose is to provide a general introduction to Kofman's thought, which has been highly influential in both Europe and America. Although some of the selections have been published previously, the majority of the books contents appear in English translation for the first time.

Table of Contents

Contents Acknowledgments Editor's Preface Thomas Albrecht Introduction Jacques Derrida PART 1: Reading (with) Freud 1. The Double Reading 2. The Impossible Profession 3. 'a cloche PART 2: Nietzsche and the Scene of Philosophy 4. The Evil Eye 5. Scorning Jews: Nietzsche, the Jews, Anti-Semitism PART 3: With Respect to Woman 6. From The Enigma of Woman: Woman in Freud's Writings 7. The Economy of Respect: Kant and Respect for Women PART 4: The Truth in Painting 8. The Melancholy of Art 9. The Resemblance of Portraits: Imitation According to Diderot 10. Conjuring Death: Remarks on The Anatomy Lesson of Doctor Nicolas Tulp (1632) PART 5: Judaism and Anti-Semitism / Autobiography 11. Shoah (or Dis-grace) 12. Autobiographical Writings Damned Food Tomb for a Proper Name Post-scriptum-1992 "My Life" and Psychoanalysis Nightmare: At the Margins of Medieval Studies Notes Contributors

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