The budget process : a parliamentary imperative


    • McGee, David G.


The budget process : a parliamentary imperative

David G. McGee

Pluto Press : Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, 2007

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Parliament's right to authorise government spending is the source of all other parliamentary powers and is fundamental to democracy. How parliaments enforce this power and how they can play their full part in the budget process more effectively are described in this detailed assessment of the appropriate and varied rules and practices being developed around the Commonwealth and beyond. The Budget Process provides an insider's view of Parliament's role in approving and overseeing government spending: what Parliament is supposed to do, what it isn't, and how it could do more.


1. Introduction 2. Budget preparation 3. Approval of the budget 4. Approval of the budget 5. Implementing the budget 6. Evaluation of the budget 7. The federal dimension and second chambers 8. Reflections Appendix 1 Works consulted Appendix 2 Participants in the CPA Budget and Financial Oversight Workshop, London, 8-10 November 2006 Appendix 3Scrutinizing Public Expenditures: Assessing the Performance of Public Accounts Committees

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