Why Victorian literature still matters


Why Victorian literature still matters

Philip Davis

(Blackwell manifestos)

Wiley-Blackwell, 2008

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Why Victorian Literature Still Matters is a passionate defense of Victorian literature's enduring impact and importance for readers interested in the relationship between literature and life, reading and thinking. Explores the prominence of Victorian literature for contemporary readers and academics, through the author's unique insight into why it is still important today Provides new frames of interpretation for key Victorian works of literature and close readings of important texts Argues for a new engagement with Victorian literature, from general readers and scholars alike Seeks to remove Victorian literature from an entrenched set of values, traditions and perspectives - demonstrating how vital and resonant it is for modern literary and cultural analysis


Introduction: The Victorian Bump and Where to Find It 1 1 Victorian Hard Wiring 9 2 Isaiah and Ezekiel - But What About Charley? 35 3 Not So Straightforward: Realist Prose and What It Hides Within Itself 54 4 A Literature In Time 81 5 Individual Agents 112 6 A Few of My Favorite Things: A Glove, a Sandal, and Plaited Hair 138 Notes 161 Index 168

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