Geophysical continua : deformation in the Earth's interior


Geophysical continua : deformation in the Earth's interior

B.L.N. Kennett, H.-P. Bunge

Cambridge University Press, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references (p. 413-422) and index



Geophysical Continua presents a systematic treatment of deformation in the Earth from seismic to geologic time scales, and demonstrates the linkages between different aspects of the Earth's interior that are often treated separately. A unified treatment of solids and fluids is developed to include thermodynamics and electrodynamics, in order to cover the full range of tools needed to understand the interior of the globe. The emphasis throughout the book is on relating seismological observations with interpretations of Earth processes. Physical principles and mathematical descriptions are developed that can be applied to a broad spectrum of geodynamic problems. Incorporating illustrative examples and an introduction to modern computational techniques, this textbook is designed for graduate-level courses in geophysics and geodynamics. It is also a useful reference for practising Earth scientists.


  • 1. Introduction
  • Part I. Continuum Mechanics in Geophysics: 2. Description of deformation
  • 3. The stress field concept
  • 4. Constitutive relations
  • 5. Linearised elasticity and viscoelasticity
  • 6. Continua under pressure
  • 7. Fluid flow
  • 8. Continuum equations and boundary conditions
  • Part II. Earth Deformation: 9. From the atomic scale to the continuum
  • 10. Geological deformation
  • 11. Seismology and Earth structure
  • 12. Lithospheric deformation
  • 13. The influence of rheology - asthenosphere to the deep mantle
  • 14. Mantle convection
  • 15. The core and the Earth's dynamo
  • Appendix. Table of notation
  • Bibliography
  • Index.

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