Prisoners : a Muslim & a Jew across the Middle East divide


    • Goldberg, Jeffrey


Prisoners : a Muslim & a Jew across the Middle East divide

Jeffrey Goldberg

Picador, 2008

  • : pbk.

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Jeffrey Goldberg moved from Long Island to Israel while still a college student. In the middle of the first Palestinian uprising in 1990, the Israeli army sent him to serve as a prison guard at Ketziot, the largest jail in the Middle East. Realizing that among the prisoners were the future leaders of Palestine, and that this was a unique opportunity to learn from them about themselves, he began an extended dialogue with a prisoner named Rafiq. This is an account of life in that harsh desert prison and of that dialogue-the accusations, explanations, fears, prejudices and aspirations each man expressed-which continues to this day. Prisoners is a remarkable book: spare, impassioned, energetic, and unstinting in its candour about both the darkness and the hope buried within the animosities of the Middle East. `The book is full of a refreshing self-deprecatory wit and much insight' Sunday Times `A lucid, layered memoir' The Scotsman `A vivid account of the passions and prejudices, the tensions and terrors that exist in every camp, and every household, in today's volatile Middle East' Oprah Magazine (US)

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