Biomimetics and industrial applications


Biomimetics and industrial applications

Bharat Bhushan, Harald Fuchs

(Nanoscience and technology, . Applied scanning probe methods ; 13)

Springer, c2008

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The volumes XI, XII and XIII examine the physical and technical foundation for recent progress in applied scanning probe techniques. The first volume came out in January 2004, the second to fourth volumes in early 2006 and the fifth to seventh volumes in late 2006. The field is progressing so fast that there is a need for a set of volumes every 12 to 18 months to capture latest developments. These volumes constitute a timely comprehensive overview of SPM applications. After introducing scanning probe microscopy, including sensor technology and tip characterization, chapters on use in various industrial applications are presented. Industrial applications span topographic and dynamical surface studies of thin-film semiconductors, polymers, paper, ceramics, and magnetic and biological materials. The chapters have been written by leading researchers and application scientists from all over the world and from various industries to provide a broader perspective.


Visualization of Epicuticular Grease on the Covering Wings in the Colorado Potato Beetle: A Scanning Probe Approach.- A Review on the Structure and Mechanical Properties of Mollusk Shells - Perspectives on Synthetic Biomimetic Materials.- Electro-Oxidative Lithography and Self-Assembly Concepts for Bottom-Up Nanofabrication.- Application of SPM and Related Techniques to the Mechanical Properties of Biotool Materials.- Nanomechanics and Microfluidics as a Tool for Unraveling Blood Clotting Disease.- Atomic Force Microscopic Study of Piezoelectric Polymers.- Quantitative Analysis of Surface Morphology and Applications.- Nanotribological Characterization of Carbonaceous Materials: Study of Diamond Coatings and Graphite.- Atomic Force Microscopy Studies of Aging Mechanisms in Lithium-Ion Batteries.

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