Interrupted lives : in literature


Interrupted lives : in literature

[contributors] Charles Nicholl ... [et al.] ; edited by Andrew Motion

National Portrait Gallery, 2004


Interrupted lives : Angela Carter, Katherine Mansfield, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Christopher Marlowe, Edward Thomas, Sylvia Plath

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Includes bibliographical references


  • Christopher Marlowe : 'Cut is the branch' / by Charles Nicholl
  • Shelley undrowned / by Richard Holmes
  • Two roads: the life of Edward Thomas / by Andrew Motion
  • Katherine Mansfield : the writer of the submerged world / by Patricia Duncker
  • Sylvia Plath / by Erica Wagner
  • Get Carter / by Ali Smith



Interrupted Lives is an original look at the literary reputations of some of our greatest writers whose literary careers were cut tragically short. The lives, literature and the circumstances surrounding the deaths of six prominent writers are explored in these fascinating published lectures: including Christopher Marlowe by Charles Nicholl, Percy Bysshe Shelley by Richard Holmes, Edward Thomas by Andrew Motion, Sylvia Plath by Erica Wagner, Katherine Mansfield by Patricia Dunker and Angela Carter by Ali Smith. Innovative and thought-provoking, Interrupted Lives questions, had these writers lived, How might their writing have changed? Would their reputations have grown or diminished? and What would their impact be today?

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