Discovery in the archives of Spain and Portugal : quincentenary essays, 1492-1992


Discovery in the archives of Spain and Portugal : quincentenary essays, 1492-1992

Lawrence J. McCrank, editor

Haworth Press, c1993

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"Has also been published as Primary sources & original works, volume 2, numbers 1/2 and 3/4, 1993" -- t.p. verso

Includes bibliographical references and index



The quincentenary celebration of the voyage of Christopher Columbus to America sparked popular controversy and political debate over the true nature of the voyage as discovery or conquest. Discovery in the Archives of Spain and Portugal refocuses the debate, serving as a reminder that historical reinterpretation calls for reexamination of evidence rather than merely the expression of personal opinion. A lively and interesting overview of Iberian and related archives, the book examines archives and primary documentary sources in the early-modern era from Spain and Portugal.Discovery in the Archives of Spain and Portugal surveys sources, source criticism, and controversies surrounding Christopher Columbus and revisionism in interpreting the "discovery of America" as an encounter between two worlds. Authors discuss the origin of archives and historical documentation and pose questions and themes for further research provide survey information and practical guidance for potential research in Spanish and Portuguese archives give an overview of gathering, editing, analyzing, and interpreting primary sources share anecdotal experiences of research in the archives of Spain and Portugal relate narratives and documentary sources for Columbus's affair with those in the larger arena of European expansionism.Discovery in the Archives of Spain and Portugal is a fascinating volume that conveys the flavor of searching archives, the enthusiasm of past and current researchers, and a sense of genuine discovery in the archives. Librarians, historians, and archivists will find the book to be an intriguing study of primary sources and original material surrounding the travels of Christopher Columbus to America within the broader context of his times.


Contents Preface: Encountering the Sources Part I: Medieval Foundations Origin and Development of Archival Record-Keeping in the Crown of Castile-Leon A Medieval "Information Age": Documentation and Archives in the Crown of Aragon Medieval Catalonian Wills: Family Charter Evidence in the Archives Part II: The Quincentenary Focus: Columbus Studies Back to the Sources for Christopher Columbus: Two Personal Memoirs Documentary Published Sources for the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus Columbus Bibliographies: Past, Present, Future Editing Columbian Writings Religious Motives for Columbus's First Voyage: Evidence From the Explorer's Writings, ca. 1481-1502 Columbus in Myth and History Part III: Access and Research in Iberian Archives: Portugal and Its Seaborne Empire Sources in Portuguese and Goan (India) Archives and Libraries (1500-1755): A Guide and Commentary Archival Evidence of the Portuguese Expansion in Africa, 1440-1521 Sources for Portuguese West African History in the Vatican and Related Collections Portuguese Archival Documentation of Europe's First Colony in the Tropics: The Cape Verde Islands, 1460-1530 Spain During European Expansion Iberian Sources for the History of Trade With North Africa and the Levant, ca. 1350-1510 The Picaro(ital) in Fact and Fiction: The Inquisition and Lazarillo de Tormes(ital) Sources for a New Social-Political History of Early Modern Local Administration Part V: Exploring Archives and Discovering Sources Pioneers of Discovery History in the Spanish Archives: Alice Gould and Irene Wright: A Memoir Hunting for Hispanic-American Manuscripts in Spain: Part 1: The Explorations of Charles Upson Clark Revisited Hunting for Hispanic-American Manuscripts in Spain: Part 2: America Documented in Spanish Provincial Archives: A Manuscript Sample for Central America Viewing the Cultural Treasures of Spain: A Review Essay Reference Notes Included Index

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