The struggle for the European constitution : a past and future history


    • O'Neill, Michael, 1946 Nov. 23-


The struggle for the European constitution : a past and future history

Michael O'Neill

(Routledge advances in European politics)

Routledge, c2009

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The European Union (EU) Constitution was one of the most important developments in the history of the EU, aiming to make the EU more transparent, relevant and accountable to the citizens of its member states. Current anxieties over the pace and direction of EU integration place this comprehensive study at the forefront of the EU governance debate. O'Neill goes far beyond a simple account of the EU Constitution, focussing also on the response to the current crisis of confidence between the Union and its citizens and how those in power have responded to the challenge. Making a substantial contribution to literature on the EU, key discussion points include: The political crisis behind the Constitution The power politics at work in the negotiations How the Constitution affects EU policymaking The impact on the citizens of the EU This is essential reading for all those wishing to understand the background to one of the key areas within European Politics. Michael O'Neill is Jean Monnet Professor in EU Politics at Nottingham Trent University.


Part 1: Why a Constitution for Europe? 1. A Problematic Polity 2. The Idea of a European Constitution Part 2: Constitutionalizing the European Union 3. Europe's Constitutional Convention 4. Agendas for Change 5. The Convention at Work 6. Reforming the European Institutions 7. Simplifying EU Governance 8. A People's Europe: Citizenship, Rights and Justice 9. The EU and the New International Order Part 3: The Politics of Ratification 10. The Politics of Ratification 11. Crisis or 'Normal' Politics 12. Towards a Constitutional Conversation

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