Ship to shore : a dictionary of everyday words and phrases derived from the sea


    • Jeans, Peter D.


Ship to shore : a dictionary of everyday words and phrases derived from the sea

Peter D. Jeans

International Marine/McGraw Hill, c2004

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We all talk like sailors. Have you ever found yourself "in deep water" because you got tired of "bowing and scraping" or listening to "flimsy" excuses? Have you ever "barged in" like a "blowhard" where you weren't wanted and "let the cat out of the bag"? Have you ever tried to keep a "touch-and-go" project "on an even keel" even though your "fair-weather" coworkers were deserting like "rats from a sinking ship"? Have you ever tried and failed to make "heads or tails" of the advice of a "fly-by-night" consultant or seen your work go "down the hatch"? Ever felt like you've "hit rock bottom" or reached "the bitter end"?Well, "press on," mate, because no matter how low you sink, you're not "breaking new ground." "By and large," no matter how bad it feels, untold generations of sailors have been there "off and on" before you, and if you'll just "rummage around" in this wonderful book, you'll see that they invented the language we all resort to when we're in "dire straits" and there's "the devil to pay." You may never escape these "trying times," but don't let it "overwhelm" you. At least you know how to talk like a sailor!And when you "tackle" this book, you'll plunge "full steam ahead" into the rich and wonderful lore of the sea. Yes, now that you've "gotten wind of" Ship to Shore, there are "free and easy" hours ahead. The "coast is clear." Your ship has just come in. "Peter Jeans is a wonderful writer; his prose is fluid and punctuated with wry humor..."Ship to Shore" is an entertaining browse for all word-lovers and armchair sailors." - "Bloomsbury Review". Peter Jeans began his love affair with seafaring lore more than forty years ago. A sometime adventurer, English teacher, and columnist, he is also an avid sailor and writer whose books include "Seafaring Lore and Legend: A Miscellany of Maritime Myth, Superstition, Fable, and Fact".


PrefaceAcknowledgmentsIntroductionShip to ShoreBibliographyAppendix 1. Nautical PrepositionsAppendix 2. Changed Spellings and Corrupted Word FormsAppendix 3. Nautical Terms Related to Human AnatomyAppendix 4. Nautical Terms Derived from the Land

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