Imaging of the musculoskeletal system


Imaging of the musculoskeletal system

[edited by] Thomas Lee Pope ... [et al.]

(Expert radiology)

Saunders/Elsevier, c2008

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An international group of experts brings you an exhaustive full-color two-volume reference to help you effectively select and interpret the best imaging studies for the challenges you face in musculoskeletal diagnosis. They cover every aspect of musculoskeletal radiology, including the latest diagnostic modalities and interventional techniques. Plus, a CD featuring case studies, additional chapters, and valuable appendices enriches your knowledge and gives you step-by-step guidance on all of the most important musculoskeletal procedures.Examples of cutting-edge modalities such as MR, multislice CT, ultrasonography, and nuclear medicine are balanced with conventional radiographic images, enabling you to compare and contrast findings from all imaging modalities. More than 5,300 digital-quality illustrations offer exceptional detail and clarity, and user-friendly features including key points boxes, classic signs, protocols, and ACR guidelines put today's best practices at your fingertips.


PART I: INJURY 1. Introduction and General Principles Section 1: Axial Skeleton 2. Skull and facial bones 3. TMJ 4. Dental Imaging 5. Cervical Spine 6. Thorax and Thoracolumbar Spine Section 2: Appendicular Skeleton Upper Extremities 7. Normal Shoulder 8. Acute Osseous Injury to the Shoulder Girdle 9. Impingement Syndromes 10. Glenohumeral Instability 11. Normal Elbow 12. Acute Osseous Injury of the Elbow and Forearm 13. Soft-Tissue Injury to the Elbow and Forearm 14. Wrist-hand: Technical Aspects, Normal Anatomy, Common Variants, and Basic Biomechanics 15. Acute Osseous Injury to the Wrist 16. Internal Derangement of the Wrist 17. Acute Osseous Injury of the Hand 18. Soft Tissue Injury of the Hand Lower Extremities 19. Pelvis-Hip: Technical Aspects, Normal Anatomy, Common Variants, and Basic Biomechanics 20. Acute Osseous injury of the Pelvis and Sacrum (including acetabular) 21. Acute Osseous Injury to the Hip & Proximal Femur 22. Internal Derangement of the Hip & Proximal Femur 23. Knee: Technical Aspects, Normal Anatomy, Common Variants, and Basic Biomechanic 24. Acute Osseous Injury to the Knee 25. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Meniscal Injuries 26. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Ligament Injuries 27. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Tendon Injuries 28. Internal Derangement of the Knee: Cartilage and Osteochondural Injuries 29. Ankle Foot: Technical Aspects, Normal Anatomy, Common Variants, and Basic Biomechanics 30. Acute Osseous Injury to the Ankle 31. Soft Tissue Injury to the Ankle: Ligament 32. Soft-Tissue Injury to the Ankle: Tendon 33. Soft Tissue In jury to the Ankle: Osteochondural Injury & Impingement 34. Acute Osseous Injurty to the Foot 35. Soft Tissue Lesions of the Foot Section 3: Pediatric Injuries 36. Upper Extremity Injuries in Children 37. Lower Extremity Injuries in Children (Including Sports Injuries) 38. Skeletal Manifestation of Child Abuse Section 4: Other Musculoskeletal Injuries 39. Stress Injuries (to include Fatigue & Insufficiency Fractures) 40. Environmental and Occupational Injury (Thermal/electrical) and latrogenic Trauma 41. Complications of Osseous Trauma (incl. infection, nonunion/malunion, arthritis, necrosis) 42. Muscle Injury and Sequelae (Strains, Myonecrosis, Compartment Syndrome, Ossefication, Denervation, Muscle Atrophy, Ddx for Muscle Edema) 43. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome PART II: ARTHROPATHIES AND NEUROLOGIC/MUSCULAR DISORDERS AND CONNECTIVE TISSUE DISEASE 44. Axial Degeneration 45. Normal Aging 46. Degenerative Disease: Cartilage Anatomy, Physiology, and Advanced Imaging 47. Rheumatoid Arthritis 48. Psoriatic arthritis 49. Reiter Disease (Reactive Arthritis) 50. Ankylosing Spondylitis 51. Scleroderma 52. SLE 53. Mixed Connective Tissue Disease 54. Juvenile Chronic Arthritis 55. Myositis: Polymyositis, Dematomyositis 56. Hemochromatosis 57. Ochronosis 58. DISH and OPLL 59. Gout 60. Crystal Deposition Diseases (incl. calcium pyrophosphate deposition, hydroxiapatite deposition disease) 61. Neuropathic osteoarthropathy (incl. congenital insensitivity to pain) PART III: INFECTON 62. Soft Tissue Disease: Cellulitis, Pyomyositis, Abscess, Septic arthritis 63. Infection in the Appendicular Skeleton (to include Chronic osteomyelitis) 64. Infectious Spondylitis 65. Complications of Infection 66. Diabetic Pedal Infection 67. Paediatric Infections 68. Imaging of the HIV Infected Patient 69. Atypical Organisms PART IV: HEMATOLOGIC/VASCULAR DISEASE 70. General Principles of Bone Marrow Imaging 71. Osteonecrosis 72. Hemophilia 73. Sickle Cell Anemia 74. Thalassemia 75. Myelofibrosis PART V: METABOLIC/HORMONAL/SYSTEMIC DISEASE 76. Osteoporosis 77. Osteomalacia, Hyperparathyroidism, Renal Osteodystrophy, Rickets 78. Amyloid 79. Pituitary and Thyroid Disorders 80. Gaucher 81. Storage Diseases (Glycogenoses/Mucopolysaccharidoses) 82. Osteogensis Imperfecta 83. Marfan's Syndrome 84. Paget Disease 85. Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy 86. Sarcoidosis 87. Tuberous Sclerosis 88. Pharmacologic and Other Drug-Associated Diseases (Dilantin, Steroids, Polyvinylchloride) PART VI: MUSCULOSKELETAL TUMORS AND TUMOR-LIKE LESIONS 89. Introduction:Musculoskeletal tumors and tumor-like lesions 90. The Patient with a tumor-like Lesion on the Radiography: Imaging Approach and Appropriateness Criteria 91. The Patient with a Soft-Tissue Lump: Imaging Approach and Appropriateness Criteria 92. Primary Bone Tumors 93. Myeloma 94. Tumor Like Lesions: Bone 95. Soft tissue tumors 96. Tumor like lesions: soft tissue 97. Tumoral Calcinosis 98. Metastases 99. Treatment Strategies for Musculoskeletal Tumors and Tumor-like Lesions: What the Treating Physician Wants to Know 100. Staging Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors 101. Monitoring Therapy in Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors PART VII: CLINICALLY RELEVANT DEVELOPMENT VARIATIONS AND DYSPLASIAS 102. Normal Variants 103. Focal Growth Disturbances 104. DDH and Hip Dysplasia 105. Coalitions 106. Dysplasias 107. Spinal Deformity PART VIII: POST-SURGICAL IMAGING AND COMPLICATIONSM 108. General Principles of fixation, fusion, and joint replacement 109. Post-operative shoulder 110. Post-operative elbow, wrist, and hand 111. Post-operative Hip 112. Post-operative Knee 113. Post-operative ankle and foot 114. Post-operative Spine 115. Amputation and stump PART IX: MUSCULOSKELETAL PROCEDURES 116. Biopsy: Soft tissue 117. Biopsy: Bone 118. Biopsy: Spine 119. Tumor Ablation 120. Spinal Injections 121. Discography 122. Vertebral Augmentation 123. Percutaneous Disc Treatment 124. Ultrasound Procedures APPENDICE Appendix 1: Measurements Most Frequently Used in Orthopedic Imaging Appendix 2: An Overview of Orthopedic Devices Appendix 3: Fractures with Names Appencix 4: Diseases with Names Appendix 5: Classic Sign's in Musculoskeletal Imaging Appendix 6: Compressive Neuropathies

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