The empire in one city? : Liverpool's inconvenient imperial past


The empire in one city? : Liverpool's inconvenient imperial past

edited by Sheryllynne Haggerty, Anthony Webster and Nicholas J. White

(Studies in imperialism / general editor, John M. MacKenzie)

Manchester University Press, 2008

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From the late eighteenth century to the early twentieth century, Liverpool was frequently referred to as the 'second city of the empire'. Yet, the role of Liverpool within the British imperial system and the impact on the city of its colonial connections remain underplayed in recent writing on both Liverpool and the empire. However, 'inconvenient' this may prove, this specially-commissioned collection of essays demonstrates that the imperial dimension deserves more prevalence in both academic and popular representations of Liverpool's past. Indeed, if Liverpool does represent the 'World in One City' - the slogan for Liverpool's status as European Capital of Culture in 2008 - it could be argued that this is largely down to Merseyside's long-term interactions with the colonial world, and the legacies of that imperial history. In the context of Capital of Culture year and growing interest in the relationship between British provincial cities and the British empire, this book will find a wide audience amongst academics, students and history enthusiasts generally. -- .


List of figures Notes on contributors Acknowledgements Introduction: The empire in one city? Sheryllynne Haggerty, Anthony Webster and Nicholas J. White 1. Liverpool, the slave trade and the British-Atlantic empire, c.1750-75, Sheryllynne Haggerty 2. Liverpool and the Asian trade, 1800-50: some insights into a provincial British commercial network, Anthony Webster 3. 'Stirring spectacles of cosmopolitan animation': Liverpool as a diasporic city, 1825-1913, John Herson 4 Liverpool and South America, 1850-1930, Rory M. Miller and Robert G. Greenhill 5 Collecting empire? African objects, West African trade, and a Liverpool Museum, Zachary Kingdon and Dmitri van den Bersselaar 6 Transmitting ideas of empire: representations and celebrations in Liverpool, 1886-1953, Murray Steele 7 The maligned, the despised and the ostracised: working-class white women, inter-racial relationships and colonial ideologies in 19th and 20th-century Liverpool, Diane Frost 8 Liverpool shipping and the end of empire: the Ocean group in East and Southeast Asia, c. 1945-73, Nicholas J. White 9 John Holt & Co. (Liverpool) Ltd. as a contemporary free-standing company, 1945-2006, Stephanie Decker Afterword: Liverpool and empire - the revolving door? John MacKenzie -- .

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    general editor, John M. MacKenzie

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