Community nursing in Australia



Community nursing in Australia

edited by Debbie Kralik, Antonia van Loon

Blackwell, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references and index



Community health care nursing in Australia: Context, issues and applications is a core textbook for students and community nurses within the Australian community health care context. Structured in three parts it is written for Australian nurses by Australian community nurses.


List of contributors . Preface . Foreword . 1 An historical perspective of community nursing. in Australia. Madonna Grehan. 2 Economic and political context of Australian. community nursing. Bill (WTL) Taylor. 3 Primary Health Care. Patricia Nesbitt and Barbara Hanna. 4 The organisation of community nursing in Australia. Judy Smith and Scott King. 5 Legal issues and the community nurse. Mary Chiarella. 6 Ethical issues in community nursing in Australia. Elizabeth Crock. 7 Quality and safety in community health care. Anne Maddock. 8 'Risky business' - Risk management in community nursing. Anne Maddock. 9 Community nurses facilitating transition. Debbie Kralik and Antonia van Loon. 10 Working with people with chronic conditions. Allison Williams and Debbie Kralik. 11 Community nursing for a diverse population. Jane Cioffi. 12 Rural and remote community nursing. Karen Francis and Ysanne Chapman. 13 Caring for people at risk. Janette Curtis, Yvonne White and Jennifer Harland. 14 Housing and the person with severe physical disability. Judy Wollin and Sally Borbasi. 15 Infection control and prevention in community settings. Ramon Shaban. 16 Maternal and child health. Gay Edgecombe. 17 Caring for children and adolescents in the community. Debra Jackson and Gay Edgecombe. 18 Caring for older people living in the community. Rhonda Nay and Megan O'Donnell. 19 Palliative care in the community. Margaret O'Connor. 20 The changing focus of research informing community nursing. Merilyn Annells. 21 Changing data needs for community nursing. Moya Conrick. 22 Organisation culture and organisational change. Kerry Telford and Cathy Isam. 23 Changing focus along the continuum of health care. Mark C Smith. 24 The changing professional role of community nursing. Antonia van Loon. Index

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