Templo I de Tikal : arquitectura y restauración


    • Muñoz Cosme, Gaspar


Templo I de Tikal : arquitectura y restauración

Gaspar Muñoz Cosme

(BAR international series, 1557)

John and Erica Hedges, 2006

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Oxbow says: In 1993 Gaspar Munoz Cosme was put in charge of restoration projects at Temples I and V at Tikal. This volume presents the results of the project at Temple I Great Jaguar and also reflects the author's interest in Maya architecture in general. A general discussion of Maya architecture provides the background to the investigation of Temple I and the survey of its architecture. The volume also includes an archival study of documents relating to Temple I since its re-discovery, and a history of the city of Tikal through to present day investigations, although the primary focus is on the criteria, methodology and co-operation involved in the restoration project. Spanish text.

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  • BAR international series

    B.A.R. , Tempvs Reparatvm , John and Erica Hedges : Archaeopress : British Archaeological Reports , BAR