John Ermine of the Yellowstone


John Ermine of the Yellowstone

by Frederic Remington ; introduction and notes to the Bison Books edition by Gary Scharnhorst ; with illustrations by the author

(A bison book)

University of Nebraska Press, c2008

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"First Nebraska paperback printing: 2008"--T.p. verso



No one knew how the blue-eyed, blond-haired white baby came to be abandoned, but the Crow tribe that found him raised him as one of its own. As he grew into adolescence, White Weasel was taken to Crooked-Bear, a white man who had long ago abandoned society for a solitary mountain existence and who acted as counselor to the Crow elders. Under Crooked-Bear's tutelage, White Weasel was schooled in white ways and rechristened John Ermine. Frederic Remington's compelling tale relates Ermine's successful reintroduction into white society, his heroic exploits as a scout in the military, and his growing interest in a white lady, Miss Katherine Searles. In his love for Katherine, Ermine must face the complexities and inequalities of American society. Although American culture may well laud Ermine's military prowess and personal integrity, since he is "wild" he can never truly rise through the ranks of society. It is inevitable that Ermine's story ends in tragedy. John Ermine of the Yellowstone is both an epic Western in the classic sense and a complex tale that captures the conflict between European Americans and Native Americans in the Wild West. John Ermine is the tragic character caught between two cultures, unable to assimilate fully into either. Famed artist Frederic Remington uses his pen to convey the irreparable stalemate between two groups of people in an untamed West while making a moving argument for the preservation of a truly wild western front.


IntroductionI. Virginia CityII. White WeaselIII. The Coming of the Great SpiritIV. Crooked-BearV. The White MedicineVI. John ErmineVII. TransformationVIII. Playing A Man's PartIX. In CampX. A Brush with the SiouxXI. The Truth of the EyesXII. KatherineXIII. Playing with FireXIV. In LoveXV. Bringing in the WolfXVI. A HuntXVII. A ProposalXVIII. Man to ManXIX. FlightXX. The End of All ThingsNotes

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