Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior


Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol & addictive behavior

Pamela Korsmeyer and Henry R. Kranzler, editors in chief

Macmillan Reference, c2009

3rd ed

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Encyclopedia of drugs, alcohol and addictive behavior

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Includes bibliographical references and index

Vol. 1. A-C -- v. 2. D-L -- v. 3. M-R -- v. 4. S-Z, Index



A follow-up to the 2001 award-winning second edition, the Encyclopedia of Drugs, Alcohol, and Addictive Behavior, 3rd edition, will update and expand upon the social, medical, legal, and political issues related to drugs and alcohol and associated behaviors. The rapid pace of research in the fields of substance abuse and non-substance abuse addictions since publication of the 2nd edition warrants a new exploration of the field. In the MacMillan Reference USA tradition, a board of noted scholars in the fields of drugs, alcohol, and addiction bring new scholarship within the discipline to the set alongside discussion of topics often mentioned in today's media. Coverage of these concepts beyond the U.S. - through the European Union, Asia, and beyond - will significantly expand. Statistics throughout the set will be revisited and thoroughly updated, and the A-Z entry arrangement will be maintained. A robust cumulative index will complete the work.

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