Drugs and crime : theories and practices


    • Hammersley, Richard


Drugs and crime : theories and practices

Richard Hammersley

(Crime and society series)

Polity, 2008

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Includes bibliographical references (p. [213]-240) and index



Why are we so concerned about drugs and crime? Is the relationship between drug-taking and criminal behaviour as straightforward as it is sometimes made to appear? What should be done about the problem? This thought-provoking book argues that much current thinking about drugs and crime is simplistic and misguided, because it fails to take into account the complex social and psychological contexts that underpin the relationship between drug or alcohol problems and crime. In clear and accessible language, it reviews existing explanations of the links between drugs and crime, and assesses the practical approaches currently being taken to tackle the problems involved. Key topics covered include: The kinds of substance uses society finds acceptable and normal, and the reasons for these categorisations What causes offending, drug use and drug problems across the life course Regulating the illicit drugs industry Addressing poverty and social exclusion, which are key drivers of drugs and crime. Drugs and crime are of concern to us all. This textbook will be of great value to advanced undergraduate and graduate students across the social sciences and in health and social care, including those studying criminology, psychology, medical sociology, social policy, social work or criminal justice. It will also be of interest to academics, practitioners and policy makers in these fields.


Acknowledgements Preface 1. Constructing the Problem of Drugs and Crime 2. What Are Drugs? 3. What Is Crime? 4. Drugs-Crime Connections 5. Drugs, Crime, Adolescence and Youth 6. Drugs, Crime and Contemporary Society 7. Prevention 8. Treatment of Drug Dependence 9. The Futures of Drugs and Crime References

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