Fundamentals of complementary and integrative medicine


Fundamentals of complementary and integrative medicine

Marc S. Micozzi ; with forward [i.e. foreword] by C. Everett Koop

Saunders Elsevier, c2006

3rd ed

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Especially valuable within traditional medical settings, this unique resource lays the groundwork for a solid understanding of complementary and integrative therapy. It provides insight into the historical context of alternative healing systems, as well as the most up-to-date scientific research and clinical applications. Focusing on therapies best supported by clinical trials and evidence, it describes key concepts of the most prevalent complementary and alternative therapies in use today. This edition features many new chapters and a new appendix, with thorough updates and references throughout. Evidence-based approach focuses on treatments best supported by clinical trials and scientific evidence. The book's broad perspective traces CIM therapies from their origins and development, up to the latest information on research and clinical trials. Written by expert leaders in the field of complementary medicine, including contributions from several well-known authors such as Elliot Dacher, Joseph Pizzorno, Ted Kaptchuk, Hari Sharma, Daniel Redwood, and Caroline Hoffman. Two-color format emphasizes special features and important material in diagrams, tables, boxes, and main headings. Suggested readings at the end of all chapters guide readers to further research on chapter topics. Coverage of neurohumoral physiology is now included in the chapter on Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Ten new chapters are included on Issues in Integrative Medicine, Chiropractic, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Energy Healing, Biophysical Modalities & Devices, Qi Gong, Shiatsu, Tibetan Medicine, and Yoga. Chapters on Homeopathy and Mind-Body have been completely re-written by new contributors for a fresh perspective on these subjects. A new appendix of Native American Herbs provides updated information on this topic of interest. Reorganized progression of material breaks content into five sections instead of four, offering a more balanced presentation within each section.


Section One: Foundations of Complementary and Integrative Medicine 1. Characteristics of CIM 2. Translation from Conventional Medicine 3. Issues in Integrative Medicine - New! Section Two: Contexts for Complementary and Integrative Medicine 4. Social and Cultural Factors 5. Vitalism 6. Integrated Medical Model 7. Global Dimensions Section Three: Alternative Medical Therapies 8. Homeopathy 9. Manual Therapies 10. Chiropractic - New! 11. Herbal Medicine - New! a. Appendix: Common Herbs in Clinical Practice b. Appendix: Native American Herbs - New! 12. Aromatherapy 13. Naturopathic Medicine 14. Nutrition - New! Part Four: Complementary Medical Modalities 15. Neurohumoral Physiology and Psychoneuroimmunology 16. Mind Body Modalities 17. Energetic Healing - New! 18. Biophysical Devices and Modalities 19. Arts Therapy 20. Humor Section Five: Traditional Ethnomedical Systems 21. Chinese Medicine 22. Qi Gong - New! 23. Shiatsu - New! 24. Tibetan Medicine - New! 25. Traditional Ayurveda 26. Yoga - New! 27. Maharishi Ayurveda 28. Sufism and Rapid Healing 29. Native American Healing 30. Latin American Curanderismo 31. Southern African Healing and Professionalization Considerations

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