Labour law and industrial relations in Germany


Labour law and industrial relations in Germany

Manfred Weiss and Marlene Schmidt

Kluwer Law International, c2008

4th rev. ed

  • : pbk

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"Originally published as a monograph in the International Encyclopaedia of Laws/Labour Law and Industrial Relations."

Previous ed.: 2000

Includes bibliographical references and index



Labour Law and Industrial Relations in Germany gives the reader a broad understanding of German labour law covering all importantaspects. The book deals with the sources of labour law, individual employment relationships, collective bargaining, remuneration, working conditions, and dispute settlement.It provides advocates, administrators, management, and especially students, with an overview of all aspects of German labour law, and, to some extent, of its social, economic, and political context. The fourth edition is a revised version and all the latest developments are covered.

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