The handbook of rational and social choice : an overview of new foundations and applications


The handbook of rational and social choice : an overview of new foundations and applications

edited by Paul Anand, Prasanta K. Pattanaik and Clemens Puppe

Oxford University Press, 2009

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Includes bibliographical references and index


  • Expected utility theory / Simon Grant and Timothy van Zandt
  • Rank-dependent utility / Mohammed Abdellaoui
  • Applications of non-expected utility / Han Bleichrodt and Ulrich Schmidt
  • Ambiguity / Jürgen Eichberger and David Kelsey
  • The normative status of the independence principle / Edward F. McClennen
  • Rationality of intransitive preference : foundations for the modern view / Paul Anand
  • Dutch book arguments / Alan Hájek
  • Experimental tests of rationality / Daniel Read
  • State-dependent utility / Edi Karni
  • Choice over time / Paola Manzini and Marco Mariotti
  • Imitation and learning / Carlos Alós-Ferrer and Karl H. Schlag
  • Diversity / Klaus Nehring and Clemens Puppe
  • Limits of utilitarianism as the ethical basis of public action / Prasanta K. Pattanaik
  • Consequentialism and non-consequentialism : the axiomatic approach / Kotaro Suzumura and Yongsheng Xu
  • Freedom of choice / Keith Dowding and Martin van Hees
  • Responsibility / Marc Fleurbaey
  • Equality and priority / Bertil Tungodden
  • Rawlsian justice / Fabienne Peter
  • Judgment aggregation / Christian List and Clemens Puppe
  • Population ethics / Charles Blackorby, Walter Bossert, and David Donaldson
  • Distributive justice : an overview of experimental evidence / Wulf Gaertner
  • Social choice in health and health care / Aki Tsuchiya and John Miyamoto
  • The capabilities approach / Erik Schokkaert



The Handbook of Rational and Social Choice provides an overview of issues arising in work on the foundations of decision theory and social choice over the past three decades. Drawing on work by economic theorists mainly, but also with contributions from political science, philosophy and psychology, the collection shows how the related areas of decision theory and social choice have developed in their applications and moved well beyond the basic models of expected utility and utilitarian approaches to welfare economics. Containing twenty-three contributions, in many cases by leading figures in their fields, the handbook shows how the normative foundations of economics have changed dramatically as more general and explicit models of utility and group choice have been developed. This is perhaps the first time these developments have been brought together in a manner that seeks to identify and make accessible the recent themes and developments that have been of particular interest to researchers in recent years. The collection will be of particular value to researchers in economics with interests in utility or welfare but it will also be of interest to any social scientist or philosopher interested in theories of rationality or group decision-making.


  • Introduction
  • 1. Expected Utility Theory
  • 2. Rank-dependent Utility
  • 3. Applications of Non-Expected Utility
  • 4. Ambiguity
  • 5. The Normative Status of the Independence Axiom
  • 6. The Rationality of Intransitive Preference: Foundations for the Modern View
  • 7. Dutch Book Arguments
  • 8. Experimental Tests of Rationality
  • 9. State-Dependent Utility
  • 10. Choice over Time
  • 11. Imitation and Learning
  • 12. Diversity
  • 13. Limits of Utilitarianism as the Ethical Basis of Public Action
  • 14. Consequentialism and Non-Consequentialism: The Axiomatic Approach
  • 15. Freedom of Choice
  • 16. Responsibility
  • 17. Equality and Priority
  • 18. Rawlsian Justice
  • 19. Judgement Aggregation: A Survey
  • 20. Population Ethics
  • 21. Distributive Justice: An Overview of Experimental Evidence
  • 22. Social Choice in Health and Healthcare
  • 23. The Capabilities Approach

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